The interior of the hallway in a private house

The interior of the hallway in a private house

The hallway in a private house is different from the apartment. Floors are constantly exposed to pollution, sand, earth, winter reagents …, therefore, tile is recommended as a floor covering.

But it’s not enough to choose a tile, you also need to fit it into the overall interior so that it harmonizes with all the interior elements of the corridor.

Here are some ideas that will help create an original interior.

You can tile only part of the floor, namely at the door. Thus, you will minimize the negative effects on linoleum or parquet. It is not necessary to put the tile in a square, the tile zone can be in the form of an oval, a semicircle or, in general, an intricate geometric shape. As for the tile, it can be the same color as the main coating, or it can be in contrast. It all depends on the taste of the owner and his desires.

Dark tiles with imitation of natural stone and light, natural parquet, laminate or linoleum under a tree will look very good.

The second tip is zoning. In many houses, the hallway smoothly passes into another room, as a rule, this is the living room. Ceramic tiles will also help determine the boundaries of the rooms. In this case, you can choose contrasting floor coverings.

The panel is a universal decorative element that can be placed in any room. Therefore, here is another solution to make your corridor stylish and bright using hallways in the corridor. The panel can be a bright spot in both a small and a large hallway. Depending on the overall interior, these can be images of flowers, nature, animals or some geometric images. With the help of panels, you can create an exclusive interior unlike any other.

Also, do not lose sight of the walls. If your hallway is small, then the walls of natural colors, but only light tones, will visually increase it. You can also decorate part of the wall or the whole tile under natural stone. This technique can be used to decorate niches, protruding corners or doorways. When laying such tiles, it is worth considering some nuances. Natural stone tiles should be laid out in a certain order, but at the same time straight lines and strict geometry should be avoided.

Remember that even a small corridor needs to create an interior. The hallway is the face of the house, the room that the guests see first when they enter the dwelling.

If you decide to put a tile, it is best to choose a matte, rough one to avoid injury.

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