Sergeeva Elena

I strive first of all to understand the tastes and attitude of the customer himself …
I am convinced that the interior, regardless of its size and the level of security of the owners, can and should be unique and inimitable, as every person is unique.

About interior design

Who and how performs the development of interior design and why is it necessary at all?.. The thing is that design by definition is the design of the subject environment, which includes the creation of sketches, sketches, drawings and plans. One should not neglect such a complex process as interior design. The fact is that without the participation of professionals in this matter, you can make a large number of technical errors and miscalculations, which will be expensive and troublesome to correct. That is why we strongly recommend not to try to save money on interior design and not to treat this process with disdain. After all, a person who is engaged in the development of landscape design is not only an artist, but also an architect. At the same time, a huge role is played by the possibility of implementing the most non-standard solutions and creative, and sometimes creative approach in the project. Not all people are able to combine these most important qualities.

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Is interior design an art?

For someone – yes, but for someone – just science. We believe this is a symbiosis of the above, and also a lifestyle and language of communication. The most difficult thing here is not to succumb to fashion trends and at the same time keep up with the times. There should be no rigid dictatorships in the zoning of the space, nor in the decoration, nor in the furnishings. But a thoughtful and competent “presentation of oneself” through the interior will always be much more expressive than scrupulous observance of the canons imposed on us. And the canons themselves greatly limit the imagination.

What is good design?

This is not just a beautiful materialized picture… This is an interior that reflects the individuality of everyone living in it, and 100% corresponds to what was once in your imagination. The latter is the most difficult and possible only with close interaction and communication between the designer and the Customer.

Before ordering interior design…

…try to evaluate yourself and figure out what transformations you want to see. Close your eyes, dream up. Don’t be afraid of extraordinary solutions and mixing of styles. Find the moments that are annoying in the existing situation, decide what is dear to your heart and do not want to change. And then with what is cherished by the imagination, feel free to contact our professional designers who will make your home cozy, interesting, turn it into an exclusive interior object.


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