Features of the apartment interior

Features of the apartment interior

It is quite natural to want to change the situation in your apartment: refresh the color of the walls, re-paste wallpaper or rearrange furniture; buy something from it. It is inherent in everyone.

Such transformations are often dictated by changes in the composition of the family or by any inconveniences of everyday life, which is organized according to long-established traditions in the family. You may finally just want to express your individuality and independence, feel like an organizer and creator of your apartment.

Organizing your personal life, no one disputes, it is necessary to take into account the rhythm of family life.

In most families, people go to school or work at different times, then come home at different times. Consequently, they eat, rest and study at different times.

Hence the greater independence of family members, their relationships are more free, and the rhythm of life of each of them is becoming more frequent. But you can choose elite kitchens that are suitable for both large and very modest kitchens in a standard apartment.

Judge for yourself whether such examples of interior design correspond to the spirit of the time, when the entire living space is cluttered with pieces of furniture and other things whose owners care more about objects than about amenities.

And in this case, things become a kind of symbol of a certain level or standard. These things, taking away the area of the apartment, force residents to squeeze between them and disrupt the ability to use the apartment premises more effectively.

This kind of luxury exhibition is often found in urban apartments, where a “hall” – a large room – is intended for this, and in rural areas (an upper room).

In our stores, along with furniture sets designed for standard apartments, there are also headsets, such as a bedroom, a dining room. But the dimensions of the furniture in these headsets are usually overstated.

It is a very difficult task to place such a set, whether domestic or imported, for example, in a bedroom, the area of which is about fifteen square meters. There is unavoidable crowding. And in the other room, reserved for the dining room, it is not possible to place the appropriate set rationally, and the dining table, interfering with everyone, stands in the middle, as a monument to patriarchal traditions, when the family regularly gathered several times a day for a meal.