Natural stone in the interior

Natural stone in the interior

The use of natural stone in the decoration of an apartment or a residential building has recently been gaining more and more popularity. This is associated both with the resurgent fashion for natural stone, and with the special charm of the resulting design of the room.

Mostly natural stone is used in private residential buildings, somewhat less often – on the lower floors of apartment buildings. This is associated with a sufficiently large weight of natural stone, which is why its artificial analogues are often used. In addition, the use of natural stone guarantees a high degree of sound insulation, unpretentiousness in care and a long service life.

The following types of natural stone are most common in the interior.

River pebbles.

This type of stone is perfect for the interior of an apartment or a residential building made in a nautical style. The pebbles can be laid as separate pebbles, or in pre-prepared blocks, which will facilitate the finishing process. It is important to note that river pebbles are suitable not only for laying on walls, but also on the floor, which looks very impressive.


Limestone is considered a soft stone, but it has unique decorative qualities. The stone has a porous structure that creates a visual effect of formation under the action of water. The greatest effect is obtained when finishing the walls of the room and columns.

Facing stone.

Facing stone is on sale mainly in the form of small-sized tiles up to 3 centimeters thick. The tiles are made of natural stone, but they have a small weight and an acceptable cost. Facing stone is universal and suitable for exterior decoration of any premises: both corridor, bathroom and kitchen, and living rooms.

Granite and marble.

They are the most popular types of stone in decoration. They are used in the decoration of countertops, swimming pools, fireplaces and window sills. At the same time, such items are not only used for their intended purpose, but also serve as a home decoration.

If you intend to use natural stone in the decoration of the room, special attention should be paid to its color scheme. If the interior is made in a classical style, it is recommended to use stone in calm tones. And with an Art Nouveau interior, contrasting shades are more suitable.

However, it is undesirable to use natural stone in large quantities. It is better to combine stone with other materials: carpets and curtains of pastel colors that will muffle the coldness of the stone are perfect.

For a spectacular presentation of stone finishes, do not forget about proper lighting. One central light is not enough, spotlights or sconces are needed to emphasize the beauty of the stone.

And, of course, the area of the room in which the natural stone finish is made is very important. The greatest effect of finishing with stone can be achieved in spacious and bright rooms.

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