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Bright doors in the interior as a guarantee of harmony

The main advantage of this solution is that light doors in the interior, whether single or double-leaf, sliding or hinged, standard or custom-made, by their presence do not oblige to any particular version of the design of the room and can be advantageously used in almost any version of the interior. Why do we focus on the color of the doors? Because the color is decisive in the interior. Color affects the mood and attitude of a person, therefore, the choice of interior shades should be approached with special care.

Light doors are always appropriate

  • Light shades have a positive effect on the emotional state of a person, visually expanding the boundaries, which is especially important in small rooms.
  • If desired, you can tie the door leaf to the general style of the room. Products with patina look especially impressive with antique accessories. Antique fittings will help to complement the impression.
  • All modern and most well-known styles imply a lot of light. In high-tech, the use of glass and chrome-plated metal will be appropriate. And such styles as classical, country and Scandinavian also carry a lot of light.

Light laminate as a way to hide a bright contrast

If the color support of the door leaf is still required, then the optimal solution would be to use a light laminate in the interior. The best option in this case, there will be a difference in the shades of the door and the floor in one or two tones. One apparent disadvantage of such a solution is the increased visibility of pollution. However, this is compensated by an increase in the regularity of cleaning. A light floor in a sunny room will be more of a plus, since light tones attract the energy of the sun’s rays less than others and, as a result, heat the room less. “To smooth out the sharpness of the combination of light floor and dark walls, you can use a medium-tone skirting board. If the color of the walls is a little darker than the light floor, then this contrast will only ennoble such an interior”

And in conclusion, I would like to say a few words about bright contrasting solutions. Pure white color is rarely used in combinations of doors and floors because of its deliberate. More than three shades of woody shades in a compositional symbiosis – similarly tire the eye. Nevertheless, despite the fact that the number of unexpected and bright solutions is very large, there are no forbidden combinations in the modern interior. In the end, you should not take everything perceived as a guide to action. It all depends on your taste, desire and capabilities. Fantasize and make your dreams come true!

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