Vacuum cleaner in the house

Vacuum cleaner in the house: how to choose an assistant

A vacuum cleaner is the main assistant in the house, without it you can’t restore order, create comfort and cleanliness. And as a worthy member of the family, he must be reliable, loyal and strong. But in order for the dust-sucking equipment to really serve faithfully, it is necessary to pay attention to the technical characteristics that will ensure safe and high-quality operation even when buying.

Type of cleaning

Vacuum cleaner in the house

Vacuum cleaner in the house

Standard vacuum cleaners are designed for two cleaning methods: dry and wet. More effective cleaning of the surface from dirt and dust is provided by washing vacuum cleaners. In addition, with the help of such vacuum cleaners, you can clean windows, furniture, plumbing, refresh and flavor the room. The disadvantages of washing models include price, dimensions and some complexity in operation: they are more expensive, larger in size, require washing after each use. At the same time, wet cleaning can harm natural carpets and parquet.

Vacuum cleaners that provide dry cleaning are more suitable for small areas. The presence of such is necessary in apartments where pets live, because wet wool is not absorbed, but sticks to the floor, carpets, appliances – there is little joy.


Why should we take into account the power of the vacuum cleaner? The lower this indicator, the more economical the vacuum cleaner is in operation, respectively, it saves the consumed electricity, and, therefore, money. One of the key characteristics of a vacuum cleaner is still considered to be the suction power. As a rule, the suction power of 250-400 watts is enough for high-quality cleaning of carpets, floors and furniture.

Dust collector

Various containers are used to collect dust in vacuum cleaners: cloth and paper bags, plastic containers. Paper bags are not designed to work more than once, fabric bags are reusable, but they allow fine dust to pass through. Plastic containers are the most profitable type of dust collector, because it serves for a long time and is convenient to use.


Not only high-quality cleaning depends on filters, but also the price of a vacuum cleaner. The most effective and practical is considered an aquafilter. A vacuum cleaner with an aquafilter perfectly collects dust and does not release anything at the outlet. Such models of vacuum cleaners are simply necessary in apartments where there are allergy sufferers and small children. However, such vacuum cleaners still have a small drawback: after use, you will have to wash the water compartment every time.


Of course, when choosing an important technique, you should also start from the price. There are a variety of vacuum cleaner models in stores now, but also a large range of prices. The lowest price can be paid for a conventional dry cleaning device with low filtration, a standard set of nozzles, perhaps even without power adjustment and probably not the most convenient dimensions.

Vacuum cleaners made of higher-quality materials with mandatory adjustment of noise and power levels, a rubberized housing, a telescopic tube and several filters will cost more.

There is an elite cleaning equipment that is more expensive than the rest — these are vacuum cleaners of the highest quality, small dimensions, original assembly, high filtration and power, with a set of multifunctional nozzles.

Important little things

In addition, when buying a vacuum cleaner, it is worth clarifying the following parameters, which are not so important, but can provide convenience during operation:

noise level (over 85 decibels a person will experience discomfort);

wheels (rubberized will not spoil the floor covering, and create noise when moving);

safety system (turns off the device in case of overheating and protects it from voltage surges);

the presence of nozzles (in addition to standard nozzles, there are also turbo brushes, brushes with the function of knocking out, which help to remove wool from carpets and sofas).

And, of course, it is important to clarify the warranty period when buying, because the vacuum cleaner may fail.

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