Kitchen design

Kitchen design

A spacious kitchen and a well-thought-out interior is important for any hostess. It is better to trust the design of the kitchen in the apartment to professionals. After all, people look into the kitchen much more often than in other rooms. Today they not only cook and eat here, but also communicate with the whole family. A comfortable pastime largely depends on the correct layout of the kitchen, its energy and the overall interior.

Previously, designers were forced to work with small spaces, since kitchens for the most part did not differ in spaciousness. In the kitchen, where there is nowhere to turn, it is inconvenient to spend a lot of time and it should be, first of all, the embodiment of practicality.

There is no time for high design solutions. However, if you have a small kitchen and you want to increase it, experts can offer their own options.


The kitchen is the most important place in the house. It should be well ventilated and be illuminated. It’s very hard to work in a kitchen littered with unnecessary things.

Before you start repairing your kitchen, decide on the amount of space you will need to store things. The availability of various kitchen accessories and equipment turns cooking into a fun activity. A tasteful kitchen, home-cooked food and a glass of red wine will make everyone envy you

Kitchen design in the style of a country house.

Convey the warmth that you felt on a rainy evening, relaxing in a country house. This style combines comfort and warmth. In this design, it is very important that the room is not filled with unnecessary things. The interior should be spacious and bright.

Rough wooden furniture, stone walls and rough surfaces are integral elements in creating a country house style kitchen. Look out for woven reed baskets for storing fruits and vegetables. Use pots, pans and glazed pottery as kitchen utensils. The color palette includes colors such as orange, maroon and burgundy. Maple and pine furniture is also used for interior decoration.

Kitchen design in the Tuscan style.

The brilliant Tuscan style in the kitchen design creates a warm and friendly atmosphere. To create a desirable Tuscan interior, use shades of yellow, olive green, golden, orange and burgundy colors. Based on the Mediterranean architecture, the blue color goes well with the Tuscan kitchen design. For a rougher look, plaster the walls of the house or add construction sand to the paint.

Granite or marble countertops are an integral part of Tuscan cuisine. To create a feeling of warmth, use wooden floors and terracotta shades on the walls. If there is a dining area in your kitchen, choose antique furniture for it, preferably made of wood with elements of wrought iron. For lighting, choose a huge chandelier that can be hung in the middle of the room. As accessories for decorating the design, use bundles of garlic, decorative wine bottles and fragrant herbs.

French kitchen design.

The French know how to use space profitably. To make your small kitchen look bigger, paint its walls in fresh pastel colors. Vintage French clocks or curtains will go well with your kitchen style. The color of the dishes should be combined with the color of the kitchen. Wooden or marble countertops are perfect for French kitchen design.

Glassware add charm to the interior of the room. The kitchen should be well lit. Large windows with wooden frames are characteristic of this design style. Indirect lighting, which does not harm the eyes, will give the kitchen a modern urban look.

Kitchen design in southern style.

Now it is very rare to find Southern-style kitchens. This design comes from the South America of the 1880s. The southern design is distinguished by traditional brick stoves and large areas for mass cooking. The kitchen was attached to the pantry for storing food and bed linen. To create a kitchen in your own southern style, try using the ideas presented above.

European kitchen design.

The beauty of European cuisine lies in its furniture made of chrome, stainless steel and glass. This modern design style aims to provide homeowners with easy access to all the latest kitchen appliances, which significantly saves time in a fast-moving urban lifestyle. The combination of white laminate and gray chrome makes the kitchen interior special. Keep in mind that this type of design requires good lighting. Ceiling lighting will help you in this aspect. White color is popular in the European style of interior design.

Country kitchen design

A good country-style kitchen should evoke the best family memories. Paint the walls with a sponge to give them texture. As accessories, use bundles of garlic and onions. Old pots and pans, bottles and picture frames together with old grandmother’s recipes will bring back old memories. Wooden floors and carpets will give the room a feeling of comfort. Pine and maple furniture will make the design of your kitchen traditional.