Kitchen Wall Decor

Kitchen Wall Decor: 7 ideas for real housewives

Have you thought about how to make a wall decor in the kitchen? How to embody the best moments and subtleties in it, reflect the soul and mood of the hosts?

Wall decor in the kitchen with your own hands in the style of Provence, classics or high-tech

1. The wall decor in the kitchen should be 100% suitable for the interior solution of the room. Therefore, elegant clocks, color posters, wall decor in the kitchen near the table with liquid wallpaper or photo wallpaper are suitable for high-tech. For the interior in the style of Provence, tiles of restrained shades are suitable: olive, pastel, lilac and others.

2. Still lifes are great for kitchen design, “awaken” the appetite. You can make a choice in favor of paintings with the theme of winemaking, scattered fruits and vegetables.

3. Artistic skills will help you draw a picture with your own hands. If it doesn’t work out, you can hang children’s drawings on kitchen themes in the kitchen.

4. Framed family photos are a unifying force that can unite you, establish relationships and recall interesting moments from your life.

5. The bet on naturalness is another advantage for the interior. But in a city apartment it is difficult to use natural stone or brick. But there is a way out! This is a wall decor in the kitchen near the table with artificial stone of natural shades.

6. Wall decor in the kitchen with stickers allows you to add “warm” and “cozy” elements. Stickers are produced on a self-adhesive basis, they can be funny inscriptions, images of kitchen utensils and silhouettes of people. The advantage is that, if desired, the composition is easily removed without leaving traces of glue on the wall.

7. Collages on an “appetizing” theme are a million different variations: juicy wine, fragrant meat, interesting dishes, masterpiece pizzas that make your mouth water. You decide for yourself what the collage will be, what notes it will give to your kitchen. The collage is made on a computer, and then printed out on a printer. If you don’t want to waste time on printouts, use photo wallpapers: a bright picture will fit over the kitchen table.

Kitchen design with minimal costs and saving the family budget is real! All you have to do is choose the right materials, decide on the concept and create the interior of your dreams. Your kitchen is your rules for creating design and beauty. Declare yourself and your taste with a bright accent!

Kitchen Wall Decor

Kitchen Wall Decor