House design

The home interior is the face of the owner of this dwelling

The home interior is the face and inner world of the owner of this dwelling, because everyone has their own way of looking at things. And this look is reflected in his house. Therefore, when selecting the design of a room, it is necessary to take into account the internal state of the person living there.
As is already known, people are divided into types – sanguine, choleric, phlegmatic and melancholic. And each of the above has its own unique way of looking at things. And the interior should be suitable for the owner of the dwelling, so that he feels comfortable in it.

A sanguine person is a cheerful, mobile and cheerful person. The main thing for this type of people is the simplicity of space, lively colors, as much light as possible and a bold combination of styles. It should be an open studio apartment. Furniture in his home should not clutter up the space, there should be the presence of glass and mirrors, which also increases the space and makes it airy. Textile design in such a room should also be airy, it can be draped with light fabrics.

A calm and measured, and somewhere a slow phlegmatic person will prefer a calm, not flashy interior design, where only natural materials are present – wood, natural stone, ceramics. It will be a classic interior with solid and comfortable furniture, possibly antique. Most often phlegmatic people become collectors and connoisseurs of antiquity. Small trifles will complement the interior – porcelain figurines, paintings, antique toys, candlesticks. Their house is surrounded by warmth and comfort. And it is also filled with things that are made of environmentally friendly materials, sound and durable. Only calm tones are present in the interior, not flashy, the fabrics should be dense with warm monochrome tones. There is parquet on the floor and a nice wool carpet.

The most severe of all the listed psychotypes is choleric. A person of this type is very active and energetic, fickle, always on the lookout. Therefore, they prefer modern style more, they always strive to change something in their interior. Their furniture should be easy to move, modeled, because the choleric likes to change his interior. He will really like the complex multi-level lighting. You will like everything that can be extraordinary, extravagant. The colors in his house will be bright, he will not be afraid to mix a lot of colors. When creating an interior for such active people, it is necessary to carefully consider the recreation area, because by the end of the day this psychotype of people gets very tired. The recreation area should be in cool calm tones, and the light should be soft and diffused.

A melancholic person is easily vulnerable, very sensitive and has a weak nervous system. Dreamers by nature, but not decisive in life, like to live with memories, as it used to be good. They build their homes like a fortress – shutting themselves off from the outside world so that no one disturbs his peace. Therefore, when choosing wallpaper, any finishing materials, he hesitates for a very long time, thinks for a long time about how to act and what to choose.

In the house of a melancholic, there should be thick curtains on the windows that can hide him from prying eyes. They choose soft, diffused lighting. In addition to ceiling lighting, they like to add wall sconces to the interior, a floor lamp with a built-in stand table will be installed in the bedroom. The floors will be covered with carpets or a soft fleecy coating. The style in the interior of a melancholic can be different, modern, romanticism, ethno, classical will suit him. Materials can be both plastic and wood, both metal and glass. The main thing is to be comfortable and liked by a person of such a psychotype. Colors in the interior should be calm, light shades should prevail. Choleric romantic and sentimental natures are very attached to various cute little things that are dear as a memory. Therefore, there should be a place in their house where they can store such trinkets.

Each person is individual, he has his own view of life, but he does not live alone. He has relatives who differ from him in psychotype. Therefore, it is necessary to create an interior that will unite all these people and all family members will feel comfortable in it.