House design

Feng shui for the living room

The living room, in most cases, becomes a room for spending time with the whole family, as well as for receiving guests and celebrating celebrations. Therefore, its decoration and decoration with a soul is a very important event.
According to the teachings of Feng shui, the living room is the face of the house facing the outside world. Specifically, friends and relatives gather here, and sometimes strangers come. This part of the apartment is the most open part of the house.

It is necessary to decorate the living room with feng Shui emblems first of all.

Images of immortals will have the necessary effect on the atmosphere of the living room, you can also use figurines of bats and cranes, fans and figurines of gods of protection of the tenant. As a symbol of increasing well-being, you can use a small pot with bamboo.

Decorating the living room, you should definitely take care of the availability of free space and good lighting.

It is not recommended to overload the living room furniture. The most positive option for the arrangement of sofas, chairs and armchairs, according to feng Shui – backs to the walls, then an atmosphere of peace and security will be created in the room.

Cabinets, dressers, tables and other furniture should have rounded corners. If you nevertheless could not find such furniture, use plants, draperies and various accessories to soften sharp corners. It is better to leave the heart of the room free. And if there is still a table in the heart of your room, you need to decorate it with a vase with yellow flowers symbolizing well-being and prosperity.

In general, plants are conducive to attracting positive energy into the house, and the living room, as well as possible, is suitable for their placement. But you should know that it is unacceptable to use dry and artificial flowers in the house.

An important factor in the design of the living room is the choice of lighting fixtures. A luxurious chandelier will serve as a worthy decoration of your front room. It is desirable that it contains some driving elements: glass pendants or a fan, they, according to feng shui, help to attract positive energy. The recreation area should be decorated with a sconce or a floor lamp with soft diffused light. Candles will be an incomparable option, especially if they are lit at least once a week.

Your inclinations and lifestyle are a decisive factor in choosing the color scheme of the living room, but it is not necessary to paint the ceilings in scarlet or bright yellow. It is better to decorate sofa pillows with elegant pillowcases or put a bright vase.

Be sure to hang pictures on the walls or arrange any decorations as accents, they will attract the energy of prosperity and abundance to the dwelling. When selecting miniatures, follow the rule: there must be a positive subtext in the works of art, objects that cause sadness or a feeling of loneliness are unacceptable.

An aquarium with fish and live plants installed in the south-eastern part of the living room will help to attract financial well-being to the house.