Wall decor in the kitchen

Wall decor in the kitchen photos and 6 ideas for those who want to make repairs

Have you thought through the decor of the walls in the kitchen photo? Holidays are on the nose, it’s time to prepare and decorate your home.

Our 6 ideas will be useful to you!

The kingdom of crooked mirrors?

This banal object can put on the mantle of a mysterious art object. Designers recommend using the technique of repeated repetition: the more mirrors “shelter” on the wall, the better. Grandma’s collection of antique mirrors or a set specially purchased in the store will transform the interior. And on a sunny day, your room will be filled with sunny bunnies.

Happy hours watching?

The trend of 2015 is several watches with different designs in the kitchen. Looking at some, you will know that a business partner is going to a gala evening in Paris; others will show you that an aunt from Novosibirsk is just waking up; others will reflect the exact time in your time zone.

“With the “clock decor” you will forget about lateness forever.”

An old grandmother’s service in your house

Vintage, with the glaze applied by the hand of the master, filled with the atmosphere of the past, Soviet and fashionable modern plates will take shelter on the wall. How to decorate a wall in the kitchen? There are a lot of options:

  • “Collage” of antique plates;
  • Antique dishes + pans + spoons and other utensils.

This idea of decor gives free rein to imagination: you can choose dishes of the same shade and size, you can bet on contrast and “light chaos”.

“Such a “dishware” decoration on the wall allows you to save space. Down with bulky cabinets and cupboards when a festive service can be placed on the wall!”

Favorite photos without photos?

Another trend is photography. But the conditions of high temperature and humidity in the kitchen are unlikely to contribute to the preservation of images. Therefore, the designers decided to take a bold step – frames without photos! You can paint them in one color, you can place them in the style of “light chaos” or in an even geometry.

Create your own reality!

Any drawing – butterflies, birds, architectural objects, portraits of idols – will allow you to make stencils for kitchen decor. Fill your home with something special!

Your favorite collection in the kitchen

Do you collect recipes from all over the world? Why not place “delicious” photos on the wall?

Do you bring interesting magnets from your travels? You can also use them in the decoration of the kitchen.

Your kitchen will be transformed and sparkle with new colors. Take a confident step towards an updated interior!

Wall decor in the kitchen

Wall decor in the kitchen