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Convenience of stretch ceilings

Recently, many people have had stretch ceilings in their homes. And this is understandable. Stretch ceilings are convenient to use, the operation of stretch ceilings is long-term, and beauty is also on the level. Therefore, their installation has become very popular among the people. And in stretch ceilings, there is such a function, you can hide wiring, cables, or some other things in them. They mask the surface well, at the same time also hiding problem areas. And lighting the room will not provide big problems. Put the light the way you need it, and where you need it. Everything will come out beautifully and aesthetically pleasing.

For those who are drowned every half a year, stretch ceilings are an excellent solution. It withstands a very large amount of water and does not tear under the weight at all, so you do not need to worry about it. The only thing that will need to be done is to drain the water through one hole. PVC is sagging due to water, but the liquid does not pass through. Your walls will remain in perfect condition.

Some designers prefer to decorate stretch ceilings with various drawings. For example, in the nursery you can make a drawing of fairy-tale characters, or make a starry sky out of many light bulbs. With stretch ceilings, you will be able to realize all your design ideas. Of course, the “starry sky” is popular, but you can add something of your own, something original, better than everyone else.

But you know, it all depends on the place where you use the ceiling. For example, in the office, and other institutions like school, hospital, early, etc. it is better to use conventional stretch ceilings.

Stretch ceilings are different. There are ceilings made of film. In which, it is not necessary to clean the apartment of furniture. Because you don’t need a steam engine to install it. The only thing to consider is the measurement. The matter does not stretch, and it does not help with flooding either.

What is the peculiarity, you ask? And the fact that you can draw drawings on it, even artists can be called.

Stretch ceiling is an excellent solution for lazy people who are tired of painting ceilings. Because, the operation of stretch ceilings includes, what you need to shake off the dust, and that’s it.

A stretch ceiling can be made with your own hands. If you know how to proceed, do not be afraid. But first you need a measurement. The measurement is carried out carefully and clearly, we do not need additional problems. If you make the measurement wrong, all your business is down the drain. No matter how much I would like to save on specialists, nevertheless knowledgeable people will do this work quickly and correctly.

And so to the point. The canvas is stretched, so you can not leave allowances. First, we pull it on the frame, and send it along with the frame. The main thing is to determine the size of the frame. Creases may appear, but do not be afraid, they will disappear over time. Use a steam engine that will warm up the canvas, and it will stretch.

The very first thing to do is to install the main structure, that is, the frame. In order to install it, you need to use original fasteners. Here attach the canvas, it will not seem very nice, then use a steam engine.

Before we get to work, be sure to take the furniture out of the house, because we can damage and spoil them. Over time, the material softens, becomes malleable, and at this moment we pull it harder and straighten the folds.

After the canvas remains without folds and smooth, the frame can be installed. That is, you attach it permanently. What do we do next? The essence of the rest of the work is to hide as much as possible the pieces of canvas that spoil the view.

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