House design

“Panel”. Design of a two-room apartment.

Conciseness and comfort. Make a spacious hallway. Storage systems and wardrobes are located in the bedroom and hallway. The brick walls were dismantled, which made it possible to radically redo the room. The living room and bedroom are located diagonally relative to the entrance. The bathroom has a shower cabin, a washbasin and a toilet, and the washing machine is securely mounted on a shelf.  Laconism and simplicity of rectangular shapes.

The idea of the interior is a combination of an acute avant—garde and a cozy home feeling.  based on the quality and practicality of the materials used. The stretch ceiling gives a feeling of weightlessness. In the kitchen, everything is at a minimum: a sink, an oven, a refrigerator and a small work surface. The dark veneered facade with tinted glass is very well combined with aluminum fittings and appliances. The console, on which the plasma panel is fixed, focuses the attention of vacationers in the living room.

A window opening was made from the bedroom into the living room. Such an unusual solution made it possible to let in sunlight, which will illuminate the apartment in the morning.

Comfort, an opportunity to relax, relax and not think about the fact that a big city is living its life a few steps away, a large stream of cars is buzzing and people are bustling.

One of the partitions between the kitchen and the bathroom was dismantled, the balcony was converted into a bay window, where the office was located. The living room and the kitchen form a studio together, which invites from a smoothly transitioning hall.

A light airspace united by a single style is the theme of Ukrainian ethnography. The color and shape, color scheme, symbolism and ornamentation of the traditional “pysanka”, which still keep the mystery and mystery. The author’s furniture has a different shape, which is emphasized by the beauty of different textures of light wood. It combines traditional and modern technologies. Lighting plays a special role: general and local. Built-in and suspended ceiling lamps are the main lighting, and wall-mounted author’s lamps give the room some playfulness and emphasize the stylistic unity.

A surprisingly cozy space has been created in the bedroom – with iridescences of light passing through frosted glass and an airy “heavenly” ceiling.