Decorations for the living room

Decorations for the living room

The living room space initially needs to be properly planned. So that no detail gets out of the overall interior. This applies equally to the decorations for the living room. But they should be in moderation. So that they do not turn from jewelry into superfluous objects.

It is enough to hang an unusual chandelier, and it will already be a style-forming decoration. Only you should know for sure that not all lamps will be in harmony with one or another style. Depends on the materials from which the lamp is made.It is good when the color of the lampshade and the decoration of the living room are combined.

The light can be arranged in an unusual way. Not a traditional single chandelier in the middle of the living room ceiling. For example, floor lamps and backlights. They will act as a kind of highlight. The living room creates an atmosphere of mystery and mystery. It is possible to place the lamps in various places.

It is better to choose original furniture, contrasting in relation to the decoration of the walls and floor. Great combinations are obtained. Various cute items that are placed on illuminated shelves. Also original and unusual. In general, it is enough to purchase only one unusual item, place it successfully, and it will charm everyone.

You can prepare several sets of capes for furniture. In a different color that will be in harmony with the overall interior. And periodically change them. The living room will change with them.

Living room and flowers.

Flowers are considered one of the decorations for the living room. All family members gather in the room, guests come, They are brought into the living room. Therefore, plants in the living room should be chosen beautiful, expensive.

Designers believe that indoor plants serve as an excellent color enhancement. In addition, they complement the interior with their texture and color. Pure natural freshness improves the atmosphere. A large flower in a pot will look great in the living room.

A typical mistake is allowed – nondescript evergreen and ordinary flowering plants are placed all over the room. There is no special view from them. If you have already decided to have flowers, then let it be not just a potted plant. And something beautiful.

Various blooming gardens look great and attract attention. When several plants are placed side by side. It turns out a green island. With its unique attractiveness and advantages. You should also pay attention to the room itself. If you hang a hanging plant from the ceiling, the ceilings will seem lower. A large tall plant will help to increase the height of the ceiling. If the plant has arcuate fleshy leaves, then the room expands due to them.

Decorations for the living room

Decorations for the living room