House design

“Adrenaline.” Design of a three-room apartment.

A young couple leading an active lifestyle expressed a wish to convey the feeling of adrenaline. The interior should have been dominated by minimalism combined with modern solutions and high technology. The kitchen, hallway and living room are combined into a single space. The bedroom is divided into a sleeping area and a work area. The recreation area is emphasized by a built-in wall with rounded corners of the ceiling and floor, the so-called “capsule”. The floor of the working area is bleached laminate, which plays up to the color scheme of the “capsule”. The kitchen is highlighted by a suspended ceiling with a reduced level, a bar counter, a stained glass window with lighting inside. A multifunctional circular partition was built between the living room and the bathroom: on the living room side there is a home theater, on the sides there are shelves for discs, on the back side there is an aquarium. The shape of the wall (cabinet) in the hallway is thought out in such a way as to hide the location of the bathroom.

Bright and dynamic interior. The main colors are purple, red, orange, yellow in combination with black, white, “metallic”. An important component is the light created with the help of spotlights and light sources on the guides. The interior is full of carefully thought-out details, among them is a winter garden in the form of a glass cabinet with metal inserts and internal mirror walls, in which flasks-vases for flowers of various sizes are placed.

The center of attraction of the living room is a fireplace in the shape of the front of a sports car (materials: metal, differing in color and texture). The wall near the fireplace is complicated by tinted black glass.