House design

“Pop art”. Design of a three-room apartment.

Young energetic spouses like to spend their free time socializing with friends and often receive guests at home, it was necessary to create the most cozy living room area, preserve the purpose of existing premises and create a library, a winter garden, a fireplace and an office. The main task in the redevelopment of this apartment was to change it as much as possible. The brick walls have been removed, thereby expanding and harmonizing the living space.

A harmonious and functional layout, unusual for typical apartments, was found and designed. The living area is the central part of the apartment, combined with the kitchen. It forms a studio space, the connecting link of which is the bar counter. The fireplace and the plasma TV panel are located diagonally, combining two sitting areas in the living room.

The trend of pop-art style gives a sense of harmony and individuality. The bold color scheme gives a sense of joy, and light and color accents highlight functional areas. The wall decor is also bold and active in pattern and texture. The author’s designs of the fireplace and furniture emphasize the atmosphere of pop-arta. These undoubted accents set an individual note to the entire interior.