Yacht-style interior

Yacht-style interior

If you want to make the interior of your apartment in the style of a spacious ship cabin or simply skillfully and harmoniously beat the marine theme, do not be afraid to experiment.

Here, as in any other design, special attention should be paid to details. It is they who will create in your abode the feeling that you are on board a ship.

To feel the atmosphere and highlight the most priority elements for yourself, you can use such a service as yacht rental. Take a camera with you and take more pictures inside and outside the ship.

All attention to details

How to make your apartment inside look like a yacht and evoke the feeling of a sea adventure? There are several main elements with which it is easy to achieve the desired effect:

  1. Forms. Let the mirror in the hallway be round, or even better – stylized as a porthole. Cabin furniture is usually made with rounded or beveled corners. Tables can be oval, and doors can be sliding (as in a compartment). The presence of non-standard forms in the interior is welcome.
  2. Steering wheel. This element simply has to be in the spotlight, as they say, “must have”. Not necessarily a real one, it can be a stylized clock or a barometer (such were very popular in the USSR).
  3. The tree. The greater his presence in the cabin interior, the better. The presence of a wooden texture, opened with a transparent varnish, will only enhance the feeling that you are on board a ship.
  4. Color. White and pastel shades are considered traditional for yachts. But here it is worth considering the color of the wooden elements. It should contrast with the rest of the interior.
  5. Lighting. Use small built-in lamps distributed in different parts of the rooms for it.
  6. Decor. These can be images on a marine theme (this is where your pictures will come in handy if you took pictures), ropes, shells, stones, an aquarium with fish.

As you can see, it is not so difficult to create your own room-cabin or even completely decorate an apartment in the ship’s style. The main thing is to choose the right interior elements in the appropriate manner.