bio fireplace in the interior

Pros and cons of a bio fireplace in the interior

Today, in a dwelling located in multi-storey buildings, it is not possible to install such a type of heating as a fireplace. Therefore, many are looking for an alternative replacement option. If you want to enjoy an open fire in the apartment without smoke, dirt and smell, then you can install a bio-fireplace. It will help to keep warm in the cold season, and will also become one of the best and unusual decorations at home.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • it can be installed in any room, even in the bedroom or on the balcony;
  • will create a cozy atmosphere;
  • it will allow you to enjoy an open fire without building a chimney;
  • it will fit perfectly into the interior;
  • if necessary, it can be easily dismantled and transferred.


  • regardless of the fact that the device runs on biofuels, it is recommended to ventilate the room where it is installed regularly;
  • high cost of heating material;
  • it cannot be used as the main method of heating rooms.


If it is decided to install a bio-fireplace in the house, then you need to know which type to choose. They can be like this:

  • embedded;
  • wall mounted;
  • desktop and floor.

The first option is suitable for installation in a small room. The design can be placed in a niche on the wall. They can be one-sided and versatile. The disadvantage is that you will have to spend a lot of time for installation, and you will not be able to quickly remove or move it.

The second type is also designed for use in a small room. The structure is attached to the wall, and is a box with a shield made of glass.

The third type differs in that it has 4 sides for review, which is their advantage over the rest. Also, these models are mobile: they can be moved, if necessary, at least every hour. The lower part does not heat up, which allows you to install the structure on any coating. A table fireplace is smaller in size, and therefore performs more of a decorative function, and a floor fireplace can warm even a small space around itself.

If there are not enough funds to purchase such a device and maintain it, but you really want to have it, then it is recommended to choose models with a small combustion chamber, in which case you can save both on the product itself and on biofuels during operation.

bio fireplace in the interior

bio fireplace in the interior

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