Living room interior

Living room interior and Zodiac signs

Cancer likes the main color in the design of the living room to be blue, or color, shades of blue. Cancer loves family, so there will be a lot of family photos in the living room. Places them in a prominent place: on the walls or on the table.

Although cold tones are preferred for decoration, but Cancer is able to create a cozy family atmosphere, which is considered the main thing for him.

Scorpio is in constant search. He likes to change and transform his home. In particular, in the living room you can observe unique things, objects that Scorpio loves so much. He likes to have such items only for him alone. The living room will be filled with various architectural objects, unique paintings and sculptures. Scorpio is an extremely impulsive sign with a changeable character, but chooses calm colors. The preferred style for the living room is classic.

Pisces creates the comfort of the living room primarily for themselves. Therefore, the interior is filled with lovely trinkets. The practicality of the room is not the main thing. Comfort fades into the background. The main thing is that the living room consists of various trinkets, objects. Fish does not like a certain style. He likes everything. In his rush to buy everything that he likes, he is ready to make the living room with various items that do not fit at all.

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Gemini – perceive the living room as a meeting place with friends, for communication. One sofa in the living room will not be enough. We also need comfortable chairs and armchairs. A separate word about the table. It will not be rectangular, but round. At such a table, the conversation will be long, tireless, exactly the way Gemini likes. The overall design of the living room is modern. The lines are straight, without sharp transitions.

For Libra, the main thing in the interior is calm. He is extremely sensitive to the interior of the living room in a psychological setting. The interior is necessarily harmonious. It is created by symmetrical arrangement of compositions on two opposite sides. Around a certain center. Visual tranquility is achieved. Calms the psyche of Libra, who feel calm and peaceful in the created atmosphere.

Aquarians create an interior in blue tones, as well as water signs. For him, blue is not the color of water, but the color of space and boundless expanses. They like to surround themselves with expensive modern appliances, which is located in the living room. The interior style is rather high-tech, then blue and blue are combined with steel or gray.

These examples of the design of living rooms according to the signs of the zodiac do not mean that this is exactly how you need to design. But there is some truth in this.

Living room interior

Living room interior