Children's room decor

Children’s room decor with your own hands: 4 ideas

Do you need a baby room decor for a girl with your own hands? Or do you want to give a cozy room for a bully boy? We have collected for you bright and unusual ideas that will allow you to create a nursery decor in Khrushchev with your own hands and fill it with a special atmosphere!

1. An ottoman for collecting toys. What is it?

A children’s room is toys scattered on the floor that cannot be collected and put in a closet. We have an interesting solution – a bag for toys in the form of an ottoman, where the child will put all the elephants, cubs and bunnies. To create an ottoman, you need a thick fabric with Velcro (buttons or a lock). The advantage is that the bag filled with toys becomes an organic part of the interior.

2. Textiles and panels

The decor of the children’s room with their own hands from textiles is deservedly popular with moms. The material allows you to give the room bright patchwork blankets, colored pillows, wall applications.

3. Garlands

The decor of the children’s room for the new year with their own hands turns into a test for parents. But not in 2016! Bright garlands in the shape of hearts, stars, animals and plants are made of paper in no time. And the beauty is indescribable! The kid will definitely appreciate it. Garlands can be hung on walls, curtains or ceiling.

4. Drawings on the wall

Does your baby like to paint on the walls? With the right approach, this activity becomes a source of bright emotions for children and parents. And the drawings will delight your heart and the heart of the child for a long time. If you decide to create pictures in the nursery without the participation of crumbs, we recommend paying attention to the subtleties of design:

  • For the room in which the baby will live, use bright large drawings.
  • The decor of a children’s room for a 5-year-old child may contain images of heroes and fairy tales.
  • The decor of a schoolboy’s nursery should reflect the child’s hobbies: football and cups, dolls, musical instruments, heroes of games.

If you doubt your artistic abilities, you can use vinyl stickers or buy a stencil for painting on the wall.

Attention! Note to parents. If you paint the wall with ordinary matte paint, then you can apply drawings with crayons. And creativity manifests itself, and the walls are quickly washed (unlike felt-tip pens or pencils).

The decor of a boy’s or girl’s nursery provides ample opportunities for creativity and the creation of special compositions.

Children's room decor

Children’s room decor