Interior decoration

Interior decoration: subtleties and trends

Every property owner who is doing repairs or planning it wants to be on trend. What trends will the new year bring with it? What will be the interior decoration? What subtleties are important for you to keep in mind in order to meet fashion trends?

1. Environmental friendliness. Always on the wave of popularity

“Green” and natural motifs once again remain on the wave of popularity. Designers and fashion trends urge you to replace plastic elements with wooden ones in order to preserve naturalness. In 2016, experts suggest paying attention to antique metal. The material looks great in bathrooms and bedrooms.

2. Functionality in every centimeter

Useless decorative items are ruthlessly sent to the closet! The subtleties of decorating the interior of a room is a bet on the maximum space in the room.

3. Immersion in minimalism

Your house is not an old museum, so refuse to use a huge amount of utensils, furniture, sculptures and other small things. They absorb energy and collect dust.

4. Quality rest

The modern world is a race against time. “To have more time!”, “To do more in a day than in a year!”, “To plan everything to the smallest detail!” are the mottos under the banner of which a person from TODAY lives. Therefore, he needs a quality rest. The trend is to provide an opportunity for relaxation for a person. The best orthopedic mattress, soft bed linen, relaxing and gentle lighting, minimum noise is what should become the hallmark of your bedroom.

5. The animal world in your home

Hedgehogs, cats, dogs, turtles, hamsters, fish fill any house with special energy. If you are not a fan of pets, you can post their images. The main thing is that the house has a talisman – a creature that will protect the whole family from big problems.

6. Travel around the world… Without leaving home!

If you like to travel, enjoy other countries and continents, give the house the spirit of an indefatigable seeker and tourist. It is allowed to use photos from tourist trips, images of places where you want to visit, just natural motifs. Fashion trend – geographical map on the wall!

The New Year is preparing a huge number of surprises and interesting moments. Therefore, let your interior have something special and refined!