Kitchen decor in a new building

Kitchen decor in a new building: ideas for your interior

Are you going to diversify the style of the house and decided to change the decor of the kitchen? Are you looking at the styles: Provence, modern, high-tech? Looking for interesting ideas? We have prepared especially for you a set of “juicy” and bright techniques that will transform a boring design in a studio apartment.

Provence-style kitchen decor

Country (Italian, Russian, French) is always a bet on handmade things: napkins, lace, clay pots. In the Provence-style kitchen, plates from grandma’s set, aged wooden furniture, decoupage elements will be appropriate. Natural or artificial lavender flowers complete the look of the Provence-style kitchen.

Shabby chic kitchen decor

The style inspired by scuffing is able to give the interior an atmosphere of comfort and completeness. Aged furniture (natural or artificial) rules the ball here. To give chairs and tables individuality, use painting. If you need a shabby-chic kitchen decor for the new year or on another special occasion, then the cabinets, the backs of the chairs are covered with funny stickers, wiped with a metal brush and covered with craquelure varnish.

The subtleties of kitchen decor

  1. If you can’t grow natural plants, place plastic and glass bottles on the windowsill.
  2. A set of coasters for hot dishes is easily made of cork sheet. We make a template, cut out, if desired, apply a drawing or initials.
  3. An old white sheet can become an elegant tablecloth if you put a pattern on it, make embroidery or use the batik technique.
  4. If there is no desire to “bother” with the subtleties of the decor of the room, we buy stencils and apply a drawing.
  5. An interesting effect is given by painting the walls in white and “spraying” paint on it from a spray gun. This option will appeal to connoisseurs of avant-garde art.
  6. A fashionable trend is the use of a chalkboard for drawing. It will be an excellent decoration of the house, a “reminder” of important events, a way to confess your feelings and leave a secret message to the tenants of the apartment.

When choosing a design and decor, start not only from your desires, but also from the style of the house. Otherwise, you risk “slipping” into kitsch – a mixture of styles, tastes, moods and eras.

Kitchen decor in a new building

Kitchen decor in a new building