interior in the living room

5 tips for those who create an interior in the living room in a private house

Are you going to update the interior in the living room in a private house? Add special colors? Then a selection of tips will help you decide.

Decide on the style: and which one do we choose?

The style of the house reflects your taste, love and desire for beauty. Relevant for private homes:

  • Provence;
  • Fusion;
  • Classic;
  • Modern.

These styles are the most common. But the owners can pay attention to Russian country, high-tech or other directions.

Whatever style you choose, the living room is still created according to certain principles. In the center of the room is a TV or cinema, around which the whole family gathers in the evenings.   The center of the room can be a fireplace, which gives the room an atmosphere of restrained English comfort.

Have you decided to combine the living room and kitchen? Then the recreation and cooking areas should be divided by light or color.

Choosing furniture

Elegant English sofas or chic “kitsch” poufs? A matter of taste. Most owners do not skimp on the furnishings and purchase of furniture.

We add to the shopping list:

  • Sofa and armchairs (or a soft corner);
  • Coffee table;
  • TV or home theater.

If desired, the list can be supplemented with ottomans, fireplaces, bookcases and other pleasant little things. If you have pets and children, then carpets should be avoided: they will have to be dry-cleaned all the time.

What’s in my shade for you?

You are free to choose any shade. But for a room where the whole family gathers, it is worth choosing gentle, warm and light shades. The same colors are recommended for those who make bedroom repairs with their own hands.


The general recommendation is the same: specific elements depend on the chosen style, your taste and preferences. As decorative elements can be:

  • Bright pillows (but so that the sofa does not “drown” in them);
  • Tiny carpets on the floor;
  • Paintings and panels, photos of relatives;
  • Potted plants;
  • Vases with flowers;
  • Large wall clock (which we remember from the time of Soviet films);
  • Elegant or heavy curtains decorated with lambrequins;
  • A huge chandelier adorning the ceiling.

Which of the decor options would you choose?

Read less and listen to advice

Fashion trends and wishes of designers are good things. But in pursuit of trends, save your taste.

And which of our tips turned out to be the most useful for you? Write it down – and run to implement, create and create!

interior in the living room

interior in the living room