Luxury can be necessary

Visiting fashionable furniture salons and viewing glossy magazines with images of almost palace decor is a great reason to dream of a better life. Buying expensive furniture and lighting fixtures is the embodiment of a person’s inner desire to surround himself with objects of exquisite aesthetics, whose practicality is often inferior to appearance.

There shouldn’t be a lot of such things, but in the singular they cannot subdue the interior and create a sense of luxury in every corner of the apartment. The decor should maintain the energy of the exceptional beauty of an armchair or sofa purchased in an exclusive store, and the light streaming through the crystal lampshade should not dim when old wallpaper or cracked paint on the floor is illuminated.
Traditionally, things made of leather and rare woods, items made by hand and to order are considered expensive.

The high cost of luxury goods is due not only to the materials, but also to the name of the author of the project and the skill of execution. Cabinetmakers will never be left without work, as long as a person is driven not only by the needs of the “first row”, but also by the need to receive their daily dose of beauty. The environment determines consciousness, and external beauty is able to transform the inner “decoration” of the human soul.

Expensive and beautiful can be not only pieces of furniture, but also textiles, bed linen, vases, candlesticks, caskets, dishes. The main conditions for classifying this or that thing as luxury items are: the use of rare natural materials, precious metals and stones, fabrics dyed with expensive resistant dyes, equipment with hand embroidery, unusual appearance. From a psychological point of view, something can be considered luxurious, from the contemplation of which it takes your breath away, and there is a feeling of fear of breaking, spoiling, breaking if you want to pick it up or touch it.

These are by no means museum exhibits, but such things have a lot in common with them. At the same time, the high cost and limited availability do not mean that the purchased exclusive product of a sophisticated human approach to essentials does not need to be framed and bypassed. Things become “alive” if you use them, so if an expensive porcelain set with gilding has appeared in the house, you should not wait until it is covered with dust: you need to drink from cups of coffee every morning, enjoy life and do not deny yourself anything!