House design

Transforming the interior

To transform the interior of your home, it is not necessary to use classic elements like textiles and buttons, you can use completely different things. If there are, there are several, whether glass or clay vases, or painted pots for flowers, souvenir ashtrays. But you are tired of them, but why not give them a different look?

For coloring these things, ordinary water-based paint can be suitable if they do not come into contact with wet elements or just water. If you want to achieve a unique shade, then contact the specialists of the construction store, they will help you choose the colors on special equipment. But if there is no time, then mix the water-based paint with ordinary gouache yourself. But mix all this in suitable volumes so that this amount is enough for the entire amount of work conceived. If the resulting volume is not enough, you can lose the resulting shade.

Items that often fall into the sink need to be covered with resistant dyes or a fixative added to the paint. In the free market, it is easy to find the right fixative, which you can easily add water-based paint, after which the paint is not afraid of water. If you are tired of the same type and monochrome elements of your own interior. This is also not a problem, you can update things with the drawing of various ornaments. It is required to draw a pattern several times in a row on one thing, but this requires honed skills. But you can go the roundabout way, Draw on paper or use a copying stencil, a drawing that you wish. To begin with, the lines of the proposed stencil are transferred to durable paper, you can use polyethylene or thin plastic for these purposes, and then simply cut out.
For example, you prefer butterflies, cut out their stencil. Well, next, you need to attach a stencil to the right thing that you want to decorate. And apply the paint with a foam sponge, then carefully remove the stencil so as not to lubricate the paint. And your own work of art is ready. Thus, you can diversify the already familiar interior with simple solutions. By the way, there are quite a lot of such original ways of transformation, but do not forget to use ingenuity and non-standard thinking. Interior ideas can always be borrowed from the Internet, or read special books or magazines on design and interior.