House design

Man and woman – shared interior

Scientists have proved that the repair significantly affects the relationship of the couple and checks the durability of these relationships. Scientific fact: 90 percent of couples constantly have acute and protracted conflicts during repairs. Why is this happening? It’s just that women and men have completely different perceptions of the world around them and different concepts of what is important and what is not.

These contradictions and discrepancies emerge precisely during the renovation, because a man and a woman see the future design of their home differently, understand the concepts of comfort and comfort differently. How can we make the house cozy together, create a beautiful interior and not harm family relations?

First, we need to resolve all color differences. It is very important to find a compromise here, since the color palette chosen by a woman is very likely to be rejected by a man. Refined and soft women most often choose pink, purple, blue and other pastel colors. Such colors will give the room lightness, weightlessness, mystery. Men also like it when the color speaks about a particular preference or the mood of the owners. A room decorated in white tones brings tranquility, in blue, yellow or orange tones reveals the energy of the owner’s nature, the design in brown will tell you about the mystery of the man who lives here.

Secondly, you must decide together in what style this or that room will be decorated. Here it is better for a man to listen to the opinion of a woman, since women themselves have a good imagination that allows them to see the end result already at the initial stage. Men most often prefer either conservatism or modernism. These two styles are like two opposite poles. Women with their practical grasp will be able to find the style that is between these two poles and please a man.

Thirdly, the joint choice of furniture should not turn into a battle between militant camps. Find a compromise: let the woman choose furniture in accordance with the style and beauty parameters, and the man already evaluates from the point of view of practicality and reliability. This is an ideal option. On the other hand, there are situations when a man simply does not want to change his old comfortable sofa for something white and leather, made in a classic style. A woman should give in here and just buy a new colorful bedspread for his favorite sofa. If desired, next to such a sofa, you can put a floor lamp in a modern style, combined with the color of the bedspread. The interior of this combination will only improve.

Fourth, be sure to choose small interior details together, some accessories. In this case, a man and a woman will balance each other. Women eagerly buy all sorts of figurines, butterflies for curtains, and other small things. Only male firmness can stop the flow of adoration and acquisition by a woman of all sorts of pleasant little things for the house, which already seem to be enough. When choosing accessories for your interior, men can always give practical advice, dissuade from unnecessary purchases.

Man and woman… They will always have to find a compromise in any area. Repair and behavior of couples when choosing building materials, furniture and accessories for the house is an excellent indicator of how this couple got used to each other, whether they are ready to meet. As for the topic itself, women tend to look for things that are cheaper, and men are looking for something that is better. Their compromise will be the perfect solution, the perfect combination of price and quality. Let the woman come up with the interior of the house in advance, and let the man approach this from the practical side.