House design

White color in the interior

In the bedroom, the white color really provides such an opportunity. A luxurious white blanket on the bed, luxuriously draped with soft flowing white fabrics, windows and a soft pastel carpet, snow-white furniture, lamps will give such a bedroom a special charm, a sense of peace and freshness. Romantics and connoisseurs of refined beauty will be over the moon with happiness!

The white kitchen is a light source!

When white is used in the kitchen, its whole appearance – neutral, with a lot of light surfaces – is modern and pleasing to the eye. As a floor covering, it is good to choose a light linoleum of a smooth texture. In such a kitchen, not only the walls, but also cabinets with built-in equipment simply shine with fresh whiteness.

There is also elegant light kitchen furniture. Appliances and accessories made of steel, chrome and aluminum look very cool against its background, in fact, not furniture, but individual details are in the center of attention.

The white surface.

White is especially good in small bathrooms. Dark tiles will not fit here in any way, because they will visually bring the walls closer, as well as a large bright decor pattern. Such a choice will facilitate the impression of a small room, make it visually more airy. If you are going to make your bathroom in white, then use a wide palette of its shades, do not stop at just one tone. And don’t be afraid to mix. A light decorative element on the tile goes very well with a bright bathroom. “He (white) looks so clean, and in fact that’s what we do in the bathroom – we make ourselves clean”

Snow accessories.

White finishing materials are readily and often used in bathrooms. A completely white bathroom can look very elegant. The role of decorative inclusions in it can be performed by discreet gold faucets, accessories, sconces. Neon-blue lighting emphasizes whiteness in an extremely original way.

To better understand the charm of such a room, you need to see it on a sunny day. Then it is filled with bright light, which is greatly facilitated by the white walls and ceiling. With the different texture of the walls, the light on their surface organizes such shadows and penumbra, which Rembrandt would envy. And at night, on the bright wall, as if on a big screen, the lights of the evening street run, huge shadows float.