House design

Interior design is a luxury available to everyone!

Over the past 10-20 years, the quality of life has steadily increased. Sales of expensive foreign cars increased, fashion boutiques opened, restaurants and cafes acquired the status of “elite”… The country entered the new century with the right beliefs that if you work well, you can live well and with dignity. People had money, and this could not but affect the desire to stand out from the crowd, showing their unique nature in everything.

The fashionable concept of “interior designer” has come into use – after all, nothing reflects the inner essence of a person like his place of residence. For Soviet people, it suddenly became clear that it was not necessary to live in absolutely similar apartments, with Finnish penny wallpaper and eternal linoleum in the kitchen stuck where it is possible and impossible. Said –done! With the enthusiasm inherent in every Russian, we began to break the established traditions.

What did not the “scoops” who were beginning to get rich demand from designers! A fountain in a five-meter corridor, a Japanese rock garden in the room (at that time they didn’t even know what it was at all…), a toilet, “so that like this… Well, he still ruled Rome…”. Absolutely crazy ideas flowed to the hardworking designers in a continuous stream.

With the advent and ubiquity of the Internet, it became clear that it was possible to spend much less, while getting much more. It turned out that design is not just “to be beautiful”, it is, in fact, a whole science, including both the technical and artistic side. Try to break down the wall without drawings, and then build a new one so that it fits seamlessly into the overall picture of the dwelling… Believe me, the result will not please you at all.

Style is the choice of people with taste!

Fortunately, the level of modern designers is much higher than the pioneers in this difficult matter. Now you can really just outline your vision of the final result and enjoy the efficiency of any work done. The floor, walls, ceiling, furniture standing in the room – all this creates a picture drawn especially for you by the designer.

But before you choose something, it’s worth taking a closer look at the existing interior styles. There are many of them, but each carries its own uniqueness and characteristic features inherent only to it. Knowing about these features, you will be able to create your dream home, where you will always be cozy and warm. So…

Modern. Probably the most refined, refined style that shows your vision of beauty. It is characterized by soft, smooth lines that resemble a kind of floral ornament. The texture and plasticity of the material stands out as much as possible against the overall elegant background.

Minimalism. Radical style, its motto is the need for everything! There is no decor in this style as such, mainly new proportions and color schemes are being sought. Minimalism becomes especially popular at the turn of the century, when the younger generation gets rid of the old in anticipation of the new.

Hi–tech. As the name implies, the style of modernity is for people who feel youth in their soul and are ready for new discoveries. High-quality, modern finishing materials are used in the decoration, and the furniture may be unusual, but therefore no less functional. There is a myth that hi–tech is a solution “for the rich” in interior design, but this is not so – with the current product diversity, you can choose an option for any income and purse.

Kitsch. A style that does not recognize any authority. You can make a room expensive, tasteless furniture – it will be kitsch. Or throw out all the furniture purchased before – it will also turn out to be kitsch. The motto “the combination of the incongruous” is fully disclosed here. Kitsch is especially popular among bohemians who are not indifferent to shocking and shocking the public.

Dreams come true!

We briefly reviewed some of the popular styles for which both furniture and finishing materials are available in any specialty store – you just have to want to! You can search on the Internet – you will certainly find a solution for your task, and interior designers will certainly fulfill all your wishes, competently and on time. That’s why they exist – to make your dream a reality.

It remains only to add – do not be afraid to take risks! It is not at all necessary to adhere to any one style or direction, in the end, the main thing for you to live is to install high-quality windows … It should be cozy and comfortable, it does not matter whether modern or high–tech is a common background – your favorite sofa will never hurt! Home is a place where you can always come back and relax. Give him a gift – try to make you feel good there!