Artistic wall painting

Artistic wall painting is a great way to decorate the interior

Wall painting is perhaps one of the most ancient ways to do this. Even our great-grandfathers, who lived in the Stone Age, decorated the walls of their caves with drawings. But the most popular art painting was in the Middle Ages. Now we associate painting with large, old buildings, and many of us have no idea how beautiful an art painting looks in an apartment or an ordinary office.

Many also believe that artistic wall painting is too expensive, but in fact it is not. Anyone can decorate the walls in the interior in this way, and the pattern applied to the surface will be unique and will never be repeated. Your interior will be special, the painting will add a zest to it, and your guests will always look at the drawing with admiration.

Art painting will look great in any style – from classics to high-tech style. The image you select will be applied to the surface with acrylic paints. They will perfectly convey the play of color, dry quickly and are easy to apply. If the image is complex and there are small details, it is better to use tempera paints to apply it.

With the help of different painting techniques, you can visually enlarge the room. Such a technique as “decoy painting” will help the artist to embody all your ideas – a staircase that appears out of nowhere, a niche, or a non—existent window. At the same time, such an image will look very natural, but it is important to remember that the quality and appearance of the image directly depends on the skills and skill of the artist.

Applying an ornament on the wall with fluorescent paints will emphasize your interior and make it more refined. All paints are absolutely harmless to health, and the drawing itself very rarely requires restoration.

Artistic wall painting can be a great decoration for your office or apartment.