Shabby chic in the interior

Shabby chic in the interior

Many girls want to feel like princesses, and often this is expressed in the design of their room or house. And princesses love everything gentle and romantic. Therefore, if a family wants to design a house in a romantic and light style, so that there are elements of lace and flowers, then in this case it is better to design in the style of shabby chic.

The style itself was formed in the late eighties in Britain. Shabby chic translates as “shabby chic”. And the founder of the style was Asheville Rachel, who applied it in her home.

To embody this style indoors, it is necessary to use a certain color palette. Usually these are pastel shades, for example, cream, turquoise, coffee or pale pink. The main thing is to create a visual effect of faded color over time.

The main thing is to create the spirit of a “grandmother’s” house, where there are a lot of antiques, photos, childhood memories. The design looks light, spacious and cute. Most often, this style is applicable in the living room or bedroom, but it will also look great in the nursery and even the kitchen.

The main signs of shabby chic

Use in the decoration of antiques or antiques. Furniture from different eras is relevant in this style.
Flexibility, curvature, smoothness, curls are important decorative elements. You need to be careful with the lines, there should be no clear and sharp lines. Rocking chair, drawers and canvases with flowers fully convey the meaning of shabby chic.

In no case should plastic be used. This material is an element of innovation, which completely contradicts the old-fashioned.
Many elements of rococo style correspond to elements of shabby chic, for example, angels or small roses.

It is important that the furniture produces the effect of aging, that is, scuffing, dustiness.
You can not use geometry in the interior of shabby chic, a cage or stripes are allowed.

Everything that is made with your own hands must be present in the decor. Caskets, figurines, frames, pillows are ideal small details that complement the overall composition.
The floor is only wooden – parquet or laminate, depends on the preference of the owners.

If we consider in more detail the fabrics that are applicable in this style, then they include: linen, silk, satin. There should be drapery and folds. Bows, lace and ruffles are especially preferred in the interior. It is important that the overall picture creates comfort, romanticism and solemnity.

Wallpaper with a relief texture and only light tones are applicable in the decoration. It is necessary to avoid eye-catching contrast of colors and bright shades. The ceiling is usually executed with white, milky or beige stucco, which is especially combined with a large crystal chandelier.

The decorating elements include antique photographs, vases, candlesticks, pots with plants, small boxes and boxes, antique clocks. Especially important is the fact that the elements may be defective. In the style of shabby chic, this is only welcome.
This style is more suitable for creative people with a subtle nature. Shabby chic inspires with its atmosphere of lightness, softness, unobtrusiveness. The notes of romanticism soothe, give aesthetic pleasure not only visually, but also tactile and moral. This style of interior will not require much work, and it is also possible to create it for a small capital.