House design

Turning a one-room apartment into a palace

Many young families are trying to get their own nest, but not everyone has the opportunity to purchase a spacious apartment or a large house. To date, developers offer one-bedroom apartments with a fairly decent area at a bargain price.
But you want to have both a living room and a bedroom. In this case, an excellent way out of the situation will be a sliding interior partition, which will be decorated with sandblasting.

Types of partitions and installation methods

Interior designers recommend installing such sliding systems in any room where zone separation is necessary. If the apartment or house has a large kitchen, you can use a partition to separate the working wall from the dining room, in which it will be pleasant to receive guests. In order to maintain the style throughout the apartment, sandblasting can be applied to the mirrored cabinet doors, using the same pattern as on the sliding system. The main thing is that all the furniture looks harmonious and pleases the eye with its lightness and beauty.

Those who decided to install such an interior item need to know that there are two types of installation: upper and lower. In the first case, the system is attached to the ceiling and looks aesthetically pleasing, since the integrity of the carpet or other floor material is not violated. But there is also a drawback – the door will wobble slightly and there will be a gap from below, which will worsen the sound insulation. With the second method of installation, the partition is more stable and there are no visible spaces. In this case, the system will require special care, because dust can get into the rails and make it difficult for the door to move.
The partition can be made independently by purchasing the necessary materials. If there are no available funds for this, then today a huge number of masters offer their services, and they will gladly make your dream come true.