We buy office furniture

We buy office furniture

Office furniture belongs to a special type of furniture. It is designed to create a productive working environment, increase labor productivity. Such furniture must be comfortable, functional and practical. When choosing office furniture, it is necessary to check the availability of certificates attesting to the environmental friendliness of the raw materials and materials used.

Basic requirements for the safety of office furniture:

  • no sharp corners;
  • arrangement of furniture at the correct distance from each other;
  • easy and correct opening of cabinets, drawers and doors;
  • availability of special devices and cells for hidden wiring.

Office furniture can be divided into two groups – piece and complete.

The complete group consists of furniture elements executed in the same style. This furniture is made of the same materials, has the same texture. It consists of various elements that are combined and easily mounted with each other. Preference for this type of furniture is given by large companies and corporations.

Many firms, especially small ones, prefer to purchase piece furniture, which consists of bright and piece items, from cabinets to computer chairs. It is selected individually for managers and employees.

Office furniture can be built-in, mobile, transformable and cabinet. The built-in furniture is mounted to the floor, walls or ceiling, forms a single whole with them. Mobile furniture can allow office employees to easily change the location of furniture, depending on their desire or need.

Transformable furniture can easily change its shape in case of production necessity. With the change in the shape of such furniture, its functions also change. This type of furniture allows you to use space more economically.

Cabinet furniture fully meets the requirements of modern offices. It is considered the most economical option for office furniture. Such furniture consists of several modules that can be easily removed or added. Sets of such furniture consist not only of tables and chairs, but also a variety of cabinets for storing documents, dining furniture and even light mobile partitions created from aluminum modules.

The raw material for office furniture is most often chipboard. Wood, metal, glass, vine and rattan are not ignored. The latter materials are very often used in combination with each other. Leather and a leather substitute are used for furniture upholstery. Most often, less expensive upholstery materials are used as upholstery, which are characterized by increased strength and wear resistance. As for the flooring, it should have a thickness of no more than 1 cm or be absent altogether. Furniture for clients can be softer.

Choosing furniture for management, it is worth considering not only the personal requirements and tastes of the head. It is also necessary to take into account the fact that all kinds of meetings with clients and partners of the company will be held regularly in his office. For this purpose, the furniture for such rooms is made of more expensive materials, looks more refined than the rest of the office furniture.

It is no exaggeration to say that the main requirements of office furniture of the future are durability, stability and mobility.

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