House design

Decor, furniture, interior

When it comes to decorating furniture, the main thing here is to know the measure. It is very important not to overdo it with small attributes and at the same time add it enough to create an image of normal fullness. The fine line connecting these two boundaries is the subject of study by many experienced designers.

That is why you need to experiment and try to replace elements, swap them, change the quantity. In general, do everything possible to create the most comfortable conditions.

First of all, furniture decor is done with such things as pillows, armrests, tablecloths, vases, cup holders and others. Small tables are often used so that you can put tea or coffee sitting on the sofa in front of the TV. Of course, the owner must adjust the entire interior for himself. This opinion is very understandable and maximally acceptable only because it is the owner of the house who lives here and no one else will be able to influence his choice.

Matching the decor of furniture and interior to the general style

If the furniture corresponds in style to the overall interior design, this is very good, but it is even better when even small decor attributes can please with an excellent combination with the main ideological considerations.

To achieve this, you need to have a clear idea of the belonging of a particular subject to a certain style. Mutual exclusion of such elements that do not meet the general selection criteria will help you build the image of your home much faster. By all means rely on your gut, it will tell you what is in the wrong place and help you put it exactly where you need it. Understanding such a simple truth will help to ensure the creation of a unique and individual style at the fastest pace. In this case, the decor of the room with your own hands will play a great role. Crafts and various kinds of man-made products (if you have such a hobby) will help to fill the room very quickly and efficiently with cozy notes of personal originality. Remember that only you alone can make your room as comfortable as possible for you.

Even after the work of an experienced designer, you often have to change something and adjust it purely for yourself. Otherwise, there is a certain discomfort and inconvenience that haunts for a very long time. The advantage of a hand-made decor is that you immediately adjust the situation and you do not need to pay for it. You have as much time as you need and there is no outsider to confuse you.