House design

6 mistakes that reduce the interior of a studio apartment

Is a tiny apartment on 30 “squares” your place of residence? Do you constantly lack air, create a feeling of stiffness and “stuffiness”? So, when designing, you made one of these mistakes. The interior of a one-room apartment turned into a “soulhouse”.

You are using space irrationally

Above the bed you have shelves with books, next to the bed there are bedside tables with junk, under the bed there are packages from the TV and refrigerator… Aren’t you tired yourself? Remove the shelves so that they do not hang over your head.

! This is also bad from the point of view of feng Shui: you can’t relax because of the overhanging shelves. Subconsciously, they pose a threat to you. The result is a bad mood, insomnia and apathy.

Remove the trash from the bedside tables and choose a bed with built-in drawers.

You messed up with the proportions

Many are sure: “For a small one-bedroom, you need tiny furniture!”. Designers are in a hurry to assure you: in the pursuit of “miniaturization” do not forget about proportions.

There are interiors in which a small sofa will only emphasize and enhance the feeling of stiffness. And a large sofa will endear you to yourself and create the illusion of spaciousness.

“This is mine. And this is mine. Also mine!”

Your modest one–room apartment on the outskirts turns into a Plyushkin mansion: cornices are placed in the corners, sculptures inherited from your grandmother are on the cabinet, dusty dishes are in the closet, “Bears in the Forest” are on the walls…

How much can you clutter up space with useless things? Each of them “eats” free space and takes comfort.

Thick lines and crazy geometry

They are out of place in small rooms. If you decide to add such “miracles” to the interior, the experiment is 99.9% likely to fail. Designers’ advice: stop useless experiments! It is better to use the style in the interior of Provence than to go crazy on geometric lines.

Dim light

One Ilyich light bulb for the whole room? And you are outraged why there is not enough space on a dark winter evening? Light is a unique phenomenon that changes the interior world.  It is good if you use several lighting sources (chandelier + sconce).  Ideal – stretch ceilings with LED lights

You read too many recommendations

…but you still don’t dare to make them a reality. Take it and finally do something.

Use our recommendations – and the interior will be transformed in a few days! Or keep mindlessly flipping through the lists in search of the Grail.