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5 life hacks that will transform the interior of a small kitchen

Does your kitchen look like a small room that can’t even fit 2 people? Don’t worry, most residents of the “stone jungle” have the same problems. Including in Europe.

Are you unable to expand the walls and demolish the partitions? It’s not a big deal. Our life hacks are created especially for you.

It’s weird, but mirrors!

“Phew! There is no place for mirrors in the kitchen!” – you grumble. But we are not talking about traditional wall-mounted. Western designers call for visually increasing the space due to mirrored baseboards and a perfectly smooth surface of the electric stove. But if there is free space, you can place the usual ones.

Light banality

How many times have designers asked: if you design the interior of a small kitchen, do not use bright and dark shades. White, beige, olive and coffee – just right for the “Khrushchev”. Red, purple, black, light green (and the like) are best avoided. They not only narrow the space, but also “put pressure” on the person and his perception.

With the doors up?

For a cramped kitchen, furniture that opens up is better. When you open the shelf, you won’t even notice the changes, because the door won’t “eat” centimeters of precious space. The hinged doors of the lower drawers are replaced with sliding ones. The hostess in the kitchen will be comfortable, and this is one of the main advantages!

A tiny kitchen–a big sink?

Yes! If you think that baby sinks are created for a small kitchen, then you are mistaken. The hostess “baby” will bring additional problems: it is difficult to wash dishes. And from a small sink there will be one irritation. And who likes to deal with an angry hostess?

Throw out the doors?

We understand that not every owner will decide on such a step, because all the smells from the kitchen will be transferred to the living room. But if your hood is working fine, why not?

There is another option – to make the doors open outwards. So you will add convenience from the process of using the room.

If you are repairing the kitchen with your own hands, be careful already at the first stage of planning. Ideal for a tiny kitchen – demolish part of the wall. But if this is not possible, give preference to a corner kitchen or a kitchen in one line.

We hope our life hacks will help you create a dream kitchen in which everything will be perfectly “sharpened” for you. And remember one simple truth: exclusive design is not so important as your comfort. Guests come and go with their reviews. And you still have to live with such a room.