Heavenly kitchen interior

Heavenly kitchen interior

The kitchen is a very important room in the apartment. Housewives spend a lot of their time here, in addition, if there is no dining room in the apartment, then, as a rule, the family meets in the kitchen for breakfast, lunch and dinner, respectively, in this room everyone should be as comfortable as possible.

Usually the kitchen is decorated quite simply: they choose a set of any color, and everything is done in the same style. If you want something more original, you can try to create a heavenly interior for the kitchen.

The advantage of such an interior is that it uses very delicate colors, so the eyes will not get tired of them. In addition, the color of a clear sky will make the room more spacious, and will charge everyone in it with a positive. Do not think that such a color scheme may look boring, just the opposite, it is really a suitable color for the kitchen.

There can be a lot of kitchen design options. For example, you can choose fairly neutral colors for the walls, ceiling and floor, such as white or gray, but make the furniture brighter. It will become a bright accent in the room, and everything will look more than harmonious.

The next option is that the base will not be painted in neutral colors, but in a rich blue, but at the same time the headset will be a calmer color. However, in such a room you can get tired very quickly, as the walls will “press”.

In addition, you can make the walls, the floor, the ceiling, and even the set in blue, but then you will have to choose the rest of the details for the kitchen very carefully, since they should help the look “relax” and distract from the solid blue.

In such a kitchen, a bar counter will look perfect, which can be decorated with functional hooks, on which either any dishes, towels, etc. can hang.
It should also be noted that the bar counter significantly saves kitchen space and fits into a modern interior.

As for the combination of colors, designers recommend using beige, apricot and gray shades in addition to blue, since it is believed that they will be able to perfectly harmonize with each other.

The tiles on the floor can be either white or blue. In principle, you can choose linoleum as a floor covering, but then the style of the kitchen will be more like retro.

You can put a picture on the facade of the headset, for example, clouds or connected with the sea, absolutely all guests will definitely pay attention to such a solution.

Heavenly kitchen interior

Heavenly kitchen interior