Chest of drawers in the apartment

Chest of drawers in the apartment, an old element in the new interior

Any hostess tries to create an unusual and unique interior of her apartment. Some resort to the help of interior designers and decorators, who, in turn, always have a lot of ideas in their stock. One of the common techniques to make the interior of an apartment truly unique and not boring is a mixture of styles and eras. This can be achieved using a variety of textures, colors, and various accessories. Another way to make your home cozy is to use functional furniture.

Most often you can find interiors with modern furniture, but many connoisseurs want to see furniture with a history in their home. It is for this good reason that designers are increasingly returning to antiquities. One of these items is a chest of drawers.

Even in ancient times, people used huge chests to store a large amount of things. They differed in depth and high walls, so they were not convenient for frequent use. It is for this functional reason that those items that were not used daily were stored in chests.

After a while, resourceful craftsmen guessed to build a drawer at the bottom, which was pulled out and allowed using the things at the bottom. Such a chest with a drawer became the first prototype of modern dressers. For several centuries, the appearance of the chest of drawers has changed beyond recognition. Today, in stores, you can get confused when choosing this piece of furniture.

Dressers nowadays are used both in bedrooms and in living rooms. They are an indispensable addition to the beds made of solid wood. In addition to external attractiveness, dressers are also very functional. Sliding mechanisms allow you to use the entire space of the drawers. The design of modern dressers is so diverse that it will be able to satisfy the requests of the most capricious housewives. You can choose classic models and high-tech models. Aged models will give an incredible atmosphere of tranquility and comfort in the living room, and will be not so much a piece of furniture as a decorative element that pleases its owners every day.

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