Kitchen decor design

Kitchen decor design: 7 ideas for connoisseurs of beauty

The design of the kitchen decor in the tiny “Khrushchev” becomes a real problem:

What colors should I choose to visually expand the interior?
Where to put the refrigerator so that the cooking process does not turn into a terrible quest?
What subtleties should I pay attention to when optimizing the space?

This is only a small number of issues that apartment owners have to face. Therefore, we decided to bring you 10 juicy ideas that will allow you to get the perfect interior.

A storage room right in the kitchen?

Under the “pantry” they take a large closet, on the shelves of which all the supplies are beautifully arranged. A place on the balcony is also suitable for storing food: it remains only to make shelves, arrange jars and enjoy the beauty of the new “room”.

Cosmetic repair of the headset

Kitchen sets in Soviet times were wooden. To “change” their appearance, rub the old paint with sandpaper and varnish or repaint in any color. This will allow you to “update” the interior without spending a lot of budget.

We remove the closed shelves

Instead, there are beautiful open shelves where you can find fancy dishes, jars with spices, glasses. The old grandmother’s service will become the “master” of the kitchen, it will fit perfectly into its atmosphere and entourage.

Mosaic Apron

It will give the kitchen a soft rustic charm, complement the work area with interesting “little things”. In combination with vintage details (antique towel hooks, glasses of the XIX century), a harmonious image of the room in the Provence style is obtained.

Pull-out shelves

If there is no space in the kitchen at all, pull-out shelves will do. Manufacturers offer many functional solutions with such shelves, so that you can place all the spoons-forks-plates-kitchen utensils on them.

Shelves up to the ceiling

A funny solution that is actively used by Western designers. In Russia, it has not yet caught on: it is not so easy for the hostess to “get” to the upper shelves under the ceiling.

Whiteboard for records

“I love you!”, “Don’t forget to take a rug!”, “Have a great day to you!” and other inscriptions left in chalk on a blackboard can melt the heart of anyone.

7 simple ideas are asking you to decide to implement them. Do this to get the result in the form of an ideal kitchen decor design filled with tenderness, lightness and an enveloping sense of space.

Kitchen decor design

Kitchen decor design