Decorating the interior of a house

Mistakes that spoil the decoration of the interior of the house

Decorating the interior of a house is a question that sooner or later the owner will have to face. What should I pay attention to when creating a design? What subtleties should be taken into account?

In the article we will give typical mistakes that real estate owners make. Don’t do that – and your interior will be harmonious!

1. “Let’s estimate everything by eye…”

Size matters! Otherwise there is a risk:

  • Overload a small room with a huge sofa.
  • “Gut” a spacious room with a huge number of small details.

There is no need to “stuff” the room with things (because of this, a feeling of crowding, chaos and mess can be created).

2. “Lighting is not so important … enough natural sources!”

Because of this mistake, all autumn evenings in the apartment are filled with semi-darkness, from which the head hurts, depression progresses and I want to run into a sweater. Therefore, the rule of designers is simple: there is never a lot of light. The central source must be (it goes without saying)! Additional lighting should be provided for functional areas. Sources are necessary for:

  • Reading corners.
  • Desktop.
  • Cooking zones.
  • Lighting the bathroom mirror.

When choosing light bulbs, focus on energy-saving: they give a bright light, but at the same time save electricity consumption.

3. “Everything should be in one key!”

Guided by this provision, many make the interior in a single color. It turns out a boring result: monotony and the general impression of “dullness”. To fix this, we recommend choosing interesting accents and bright accessories that diversify boring interiors.

4. “The store said that the paint is beige…”

Decorating the interior of a house is a matter of choosing colors and shades. Beige (which they said in the store) is different from beige. For a house, you need to choose at least 3 shades: the one you like + 2 neighboring ones (darker by tone and lighter by tone).

At home, decorate a sheet of cardboard in all 3 colors and see how the color plays in the light. It often turns out that the shade you bet on looks dull and boring. But his “neighbor” in the color palette is able to add interesting notes to the interior.

Creating an interior from scratch is a serious matter. In practice, it is not so easy to solve difficulties. But if you decide to put your soul and mood into the repair, everything will work out. Come to us for fresh advice and expert recommendations.

Decorating the interior of a house

Decorating the interior of a house