Office chairs

Office chairs

A modern office is a business card of any company. In his appearance, every little thing will matter. The most noticeable details of the furniture will be chairs and armchairs. Conventionally, they can be divided into three groups, the division is determined by who they are intended for.

Chairs designed for managers

The chairs of the third group are among the most expensive and technologically advanced. They can be distinguished by their massive appearance, solid representativeness and height – they are twice as tall as other chairs in the office. The place of this beautiful chair is the office of the head.

Chairs for managers in most cases are equipped with multiple mechanisms. For example, such a chair has a swing spring regulator, which will shock the chair at the time of reclining back. In some models of chairs, it is possible to adjust the slope of the backrest and the height of the armrests.

The latest fashion in office furniture is equipping furniture products with rollers or wheels. Chairs with mobility are not just a modern trend, but also extremely comfortable.

The upholstery of these chairs is mainly made of genuine leather. Among the color shades – for example, dark brown. The armrests and bases of the chairs are made of chrome-plated aluminum or a number of valuable woods, which in turn emphasizes the elitism of the object.

Chairs designed for visitors

The exterior design of such chairs is not complicated, as for the style, it always corresponds to the interior of any room. Visitors use chairs and chairs for a short time, so they do not have time to get tired and feel the need to change their posture. That is why experienced specialists note that the design of such furniture should be simple. As a rule, these are chairs with armrests, a low back, on a leg or a spring support. The support of the chair can be made of metal or wood. The main and key requirement that is imposed on visitor chairs is their reliability.

These models of chairs are comfortable and inexpensive. Artificial leather or fabric is used as a coating for this type of chairs. Increasingly, elements of rigid structures are made of plastic. Metal in this case is not used so often.

Staff chairs

Chairs for working staff are characterized by convenience and simplicity of design. The efficiency of employees directly depends on the competent organization of each workplace. Throughout the working day, a person constantly changes the position of his body in the chair. As a rule, people do not pay attention to how they fidget in the seat. But the chair must respond to this constant mobility. Ergonomic furniture is distinguished by its design, which will take into account the needs and structure of the human body.

The most important property in such chairs is that the height of the seat should correspond to the height of a person. For the spine, the most ideal position would be one in which it has an S-shape. As a rule, the angle between the seat and the back of the chair should be ninety degrees. The key role is assigned to the armrests – their task is to hold the weight of the hands, thereby they facilitate the “burden” for the shoulders and spine. This is important mainly for those who work at a computer.

As for the upholstery of chairs, for ordinary ordinary workers, fabric is mainly used – printed. Leatherette is used very rarely. If we talk about the color palette, it can be diverse, both bright and muted. The main thing is that all the colors in the office interior are combined and do not cause a dispute among themselves.

If the chair is of high quality and made in Europe, then its price can go through the roof for thirty thousand rubles. If the chair is made by domestic manufacturers and has high quality, then the price will be several times less.

Thus, if the head of the office wants to create a comfortable place for his employees to work, in this case it is necessary to choose comfortable and comfortable chairs for each employee.

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