House design


Thinking over the interior of your apartment, be sure to pay attention to the design of the hallway. After all, here you will not only take off your shoes and dry umbrellas after the rain, but also receive guests. It is by the hallway that guests judge both the house itself and its owner. So let your hallway present your home and you at the highest level! Carefully think over the design of your hallway, and it will become your best image maker.

A professional designer will help you stylishly decorate your hallway. Using subtle design games with color, lighting and interior items, he will transform your hallway in the style that you order.

But, no matter how talented your designer is, you should not forget that you are the best friend of your hallway.

It is you who can bring originality to the design of your hallway. After all, it is the business card of your apartment and should reflect your personality, your character and the atmosphere in your family. Boring monotonous hallways are not interesting to anyone. Even if a high-quality, solid repair is made in the hallway, but at the same time there is absolutely no originality in the design, it will leave any visitor indifferent.

The hallway should look like its owner. There should be no dissonance between their images. Do not try to copy the designs of the hallways you like, seen in stylish magazines or in other people’s apartments. If the style you choose is just a beautiful lifeless copy of someone else’s design, your hallway will forever remain a stranger to you. It will be uncomfortable for you to return home, and your friends will be in a hurry to leave it as soon as possible.

Use only those elements of the hallway interior that best express you as a person.

Feel free to fill your hallway with decor items that are close to you in spirit.

Maybe you dreamed of sea voyages as a child? Then let the models of sailboats settle in turquoise niches with lighting, and the other wall will be decorated with a barometer clock made in the form of a wooden steering wheel.

Or maybe you paint in watercolor and oil at your leisure? Then your hallway should certainly reflect the hobby of the owner of the house. A palette-shaped mirror, special wall decoration and, of course, your paintings and drawings with light illumination will create a special creative atmosphere in your hallway.

Give free rein to your dreams and fantasies, and then your hallway will come to life. Her heart will beat joyfully to the beat of yours. It will become a corner of harmony and comfort and a hospitable host for your friends.