House design

Modern interior design. “Avangard”

Are you a non-standard person, independent by nature and with an original taste?! Then you can safely choose an original style for your interior – the avant-garde style!

The most important thing in this interior style is the color. You can use different colors in the design, the main thing here is that they do not look vulgar and vulgar. Colors can be different, but they should form an organic ensemble, express the feelings and experiences of a person.

If avant-garde is your style, then you can save your finances. You don’t have to buy wallpaper anymore! You will paint the walls of your apartment in different colors. Do not skimp on imagination and experiment. The avant-garde style is created on contrasts, and it is contrast that is one of the main criteria in the avant-garde style. All four walls of the apartment can be repainted in completely different colors and if you add dark furniture to these walls, then your apartment will be transformed to perfection.

Furniture in the avant-garde style should differ from the classic headset in its originality. The shapes can be different – rounded and rectangular. There should be no simple decoration in the avant-garde, pay your attention to bold and unexpected solutions in form and decor, creating a masterpiece of modern art!

Curtains, in the avant-garde style, should also differ from classic curtains in their originality. Use modern fabrics and materials with bright colors that will create a unique contrast with the color of the walls.
When furnishing an apartment, use modern interior items. It can be a metal headset, a plasma TV, wardrobes. Tables and beds in this style can be so-called transformers, that is, they can move apart and assemble.

Don’t be afraid to experiment in the vanguard.

The business plan of the pool – everything should be extravagant, unique and, involuntarily, cause delight.
It will create an individuality for you in the interior, not meeting in any other style.

Good luck!