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How far away, it seems, is the time when all apartments had the same doors. Now there is a huge selection of doors on the market, even the eyes run away. Doors can be purchased in a store, on the market, ordered from a catalog, and even made according to your own sketch. Doors of Italian, Spanish, Finnish production are popular.

The most expensive Italian doors, but their quality justifies the price. The design of such doors is very diverse. Spanish doors have a classic design and the price is much lower than Italian doors. You can’t say anything particularly bad about these doors either. Finnish-made doors are traditionally reliable and of high quality. But the design of such doors is for the most part strict and without frills. Finnish doors presented on the modern market have a large price range and a variety of designs.

Of course, we must not forget about the domestic manufacturer. Modern technologies and materials allow us to produce doors of excellent quality, not inferior in practicality and beauty to imported analogues.

Doors are made of materials such as glass, wood, PVC, aluminum, steel. They can be sliding, swing, folding and rotating. According to the number of canvases, there may be single-floor, double-floor, one-and-a-half. If you choose wooden doors, then their price will greatly depend on the type of wood from which they are made. The durability of such doors can only please. Cheaper hollow doors. In the operation of such doors, you need to be careful, since they do not differ in durability. With narrow openings and a small area, sliding doors are suitable, they significantly save space. It is necessary to be more attentive only to the fact that some types of such doors, for example, the so-called accordion door, are not intended for intensive use, so it is better to install them in rooms that are used less often than others. Basically, these are utility rooms or a storeroom. Glass doors look very decorative and modern. Glass can be selected in any size and processing.

Doors in a modern manifestation, to match the furniture. Their structure, shape and design will emphasize the interior. It is necessary to choose the right style of furniture, apartments and choose a door that will emphasize the integrity of the whole idea, and will not conflict with the overall picture.

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