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The choice of material for facade cladding

If you have to make a choice of material for facade cladding, then you need to remember that it has not only positive, but also negative qualities and features. However, if there is no desire, then the facade of the house can be left without finishing, although experts advise to carry out such work, as this will improve the appearance of the building and, of course, the mood of the owners.

The most popular finishing material is considered solid wood, which is environmentally friendly and has not too high cost. That’s just the care for it should be special, since the tree is not resistant to wind, rain, snow, insects and other natural factors.

Your choice of material for facade cladding it can be stopped on metal and vinyl siding, as well as on clapboard, decorative plaster and porcelain stoneware. More details about each material will be described below.

1. Metal siding is called fire-fighting, strong and durable. It is worth noting that this material has about 100 different shades. It does not take a lot of effort and time to install and maintain, because it is enough to wash it thoroughly and then only sometimes it remains to apply a special anti-corrosion compound. Of the disadvantages, high thermal conductivity can be distinguished.

2. If the choice of material for facade cladding is associated with the purchase of decorative plaster, then it should be remembered that it can be used to improve the facade of the building, as well as to create thermal insulation. For finishing works, plaster has many shades, thanks to which the building can get a very rich look.

3. Vinyl siding is called an aesthetic and practical material, which is also very popular. Such siding can withstand fire and corrosion, and is not exposed to insects and the sun. All care of the material consists in the use of water and detergent.

4. Quite often, the choice of material for facade cladding ends with the purchase of porcelain stoneware, which is made using clay, sand, as well as mineral additives and coloring substances. It is characterized by high strength and density, and its hardness index is only slightly lower than that of diamonds. This means that the service life of the material is significantly increased.

After you have chosen the right material, you need to carefully carry out all the finishing work and comply with all the technologies for its installation, or you can contact competent and experienced specialists.

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