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Everyone wants to create comfortable living conditions in their apartment, making it beautiful and original. This is what motivates us to decide to repair.
Renovation in an apartment is a responsible matter, for which you need to carefully prepare and plan everything.

Here a lot depends on the condition of the apartment, the intentions of the owners, as well as their financial capabilities. Making major repairs, it is likely that the owners will have to move to another place for a while. And cosmetic repairs, in turn, affect only some aspects of the apartment, and are suitable for those who have no complaints about the general condition of the apartment, but there are some “weak points”.

The preparatory stage is extremely important. Many people reasonably believe that repairs can pull out the entire family budget. Therefore, regardless of what repairs you plan to do, capital or cosmetic, it is recommended to make an estimate. It will help to save your budget and not waste extra money.

The estimate should not be overstated, i.e. contain unnecessary costs, which can often be attributed to builders. A competently and carefully compiled estimate reflects only the actual costs of construction materials and the performance of appropriate repair work. There are specialized firms that are engaged in checking construction estimates. By contacting one of them, you can really save a considerable part of the costs. The estimate consists of two sections. In one of them, the consumption of materials is recorded, and in the other – the cost of paying workers.

It is necessary to approach the choice of building materials more than responsibly. The cost of their purchase is more than half of all repair costs. Therefore, it is important not only to buy a quality product, but at the same time not to go beyond the budget. If possible, it is worth buying as many materials as possible at one point of sale – in this case, sellers usually make a discount and help deliver everything.
The range of building materials is large these days, and it is sometimes very difficult to make the right choice. It’s good if there are familiar builders who can help.

It is not necessary to buy all construction materials produced exclusively under the brands of well-known companies. However, there are such materials, saving on which, subsequently, you can get huge problems: these are pipes, plumbing, electrical equipment.

By purchasing high-quality plastic or wooden windows, they will certainly be durable, and it will be a pleasure to use them. Such windows comply with generally accepted standards and provide reliable sound and thermal insulation. The range of materials for wooden windows offered by manufacturers is quite diverse today. You can buy windows made of pine, larch, oak, and other tree species. Wooden windows are more expensive, but they have a stunning appearance that will give your apartment a special style.

For heating the apartment, if you plan to replace old batteries, you can purchase sectional radiators. It is not necessary to put parquet on the floor. Instead, you can use laminate, which will look no worse, or, as a cheaper option, linoleum. And plumbing is worth buying exquisite and expensive only if you are not limited in funds. After the preparatory stage is passed, it’s time to start the repair.

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