Cottage styles

Cottage styles: classic, avant-garde, country

Everyone knows that the interior reflects the inner world of the owner of the house, but few people know about the exterior.

It turns out that the exterior is the appearance of the house, and without knowledge of how to properly design it, it is simply impossible.

The style, status and taste of a person – all this is reflected from the outside of the built cottage. The architect and family members usually discuss the choice of housing style very vividly and for a long time.

When building a cottage, it is important to take into account many nuances and little things. They really affect the quality of the built house, so they are only called trifles.

Taking into account climatic conditions, landscape, size, taste and preferences of the owner are the very first points that professionals pay attention to, who have been building cottages for many years.

There are several styles of buildings: classical, avant-garde, country and ethno.

A person who appreciates comfort and family traditions, constant and thorough in character, chooses a classic style. Houses are distinguished by simplicity of forms, clarity of lines, symmetry, reliability of building structures.

Nothing superfluous, simple and tasteful – it usually comes to the mind of a person looking at the appearance of a cottage built in this style.

Materials for construction are also chosen simple, reliable, durable and as natural as possible: the construction of cottages itself is represented by stone, wood, brick, copper, ceramics, cast iron, tiles, but plastic, straw and slate are excluded. Facing and natural stone can be used for finishing facades.

A person with an unconventional way of thinking, creative, with an original taste and corresponding requests, will choose an avant-garde style of the house.

Freedom, independence, courage in decisions – these are the words spoken by people who prefer this style, and the construction of cottages turns into an exciting journey into the world of the unusual. The basis of the style is contrasts, a combination of colors, an unusual combination of shades and textures, the most risky compositions.

Functionality and practicality are present in the cottage, built in the country style. It combines comfort and nature. Natural materials and simplicity make the construction of country-style cottages a pleasant event.

The arrangement of the space in the cottage can be done in a male or female version, depending on preferences. The tree is a frequent guest in such buildings. It is used in the construction of walls, ceilings, beams.

Choosing ethno, you can design your house in Japanese, Chinese, African, Indian or Arabic styles.

It doesn’t matter what style you choose, but the interior of your cottage should match its exterior.