House design

This is something you didn’t dare to do…

Today, interior design is most often developed on a computer, however, if necessary, our employees can make it on a piece of paper. Thus, even before the start of the repair work, you will be able to see what will happen after their completion. Thanks to special professional computer programs, you have the opportunity to see not just a graphic image on a monitor screen or on a piece of paper. Now you can see a three–dimensional – as close as possible to the real – image of the future repairs that will be made in your living room.

You can even take a virtual walk around your “future” apartment – look into every secret corner, into every crack. This will allow you to calculate all the nuances and difficulties before the start of the repair work in order not to make adjustments after the repair.

During the development of interior design, if there is a desire of the customer, our professionals will take into account all your wishes, mandatory requirements, as well as the features of the placement of items in the apartment after the repair and construction work. With the help of interior design, you will be able to create a different style filling of your living space with the help of modern decor elements and construction and finishing materials.

Our professionals will provide you with high-quality assistance and support at all stages of preparation, compilation and design development of your living space. They will be happy to tell you where you can save money, and where it is better not to do it. Thus, the project of your future apartment will be drawn up right before your eyes.

Finishing or renovation – is there a difference?

To date, the decoration of residential premises is a very important point in the repair. The fact is that any – even the most high–class and professional – repair cannot “exist” without high-quality finishes. At the same time, almost all the main elements of the interior are subject to finishing. In particular, we are talking about floors, ceilings, walls, windows and doors. During the repair process, all these elements are modified, decorated, updated and refined.

For all types of finishing works, the availability of high-quality materials is necessary. In the event that you do not have the necessary materials at your disposal, you will not be able to perform a high-class finish even by hiring professionals. Agree, even a highly qualified chef will not be able to cook a delicious dinner if he does not have good and high-quality products that suit him at all. The same is the case with finishing. That is why in no case should we neglect the quality of finishing materials. In addition, it is important to remember that finishing works with obvious simplicity are actually very difficult.

Of course, you can find cheaper offers – fortunately, there are a lot of them on the market. However, at the same time you will get such a low-grade finish that your entire renovation will look pathetic and dull. Believe me, you can ruin even the most excellent repair with poor-quality and poor finishing. In addition, the execution of finishing works by “free artists” offering their services in the newspaper ads can stretch the time indefinitely. Do you really need all this?.. Isn’t it easier to turn to professionals once and save your time and nerves?..

However, with all of the above, the cost of finishing your living space should also not be sky-high. With all due respect to this type of work, you are not doing major repairs – you do not break openings, you do not reissue documents. That is why, even with the use of high-quality and, of course, expensive imported finishing materials, the cost cannot be huge. However, today, unfortunately, it is not uncommon to encounter offers from some companies that offer to finish at the most inflated prices. But the managers of these companies tell gullible customers about their unusually low prices. It’s all a myth. The price should be adequate in any case.

Today it’s no secret that a person’s success and wealth is determined not only by the fact that he is able to earn them. Another factor of success and wealth is the ability to spend hard earned. Why pay extra money if absolutely the same effect can be achieved for a reasonable price? After all, you don’t want to pay for air, and an inflated price implies the purchase of this mixture of gases – in this case, you will buy finishing materials at inflated prices. Also, the prices for services will be inadequate.
We offer a full range of high-quality finishing works at affordable prices.