Luxury duplex apartment

How to design a white interior: 10 options from around the world

It is believed that white is the color of minimalist interiors, that it is cold and a little boring. We have collected ten examples to convince you otherwise.

Apartment in New York

White kitchens in modern interiors are common, but, as Tom Fizant demonstrates to us, they have the right to exist in a classical space. And note: there are no analogies with hospitals and laboratories. Paneled doors and a marble island give a feeling of comfort.

House in Sydney

Jeremy Bulla and Charlene Kong from Alexander Co studio used a fail—safe technique – black colorful furniture and textured textiles always look spectacular on a white background.

But there is one secret: the architecture of the space should also be impeccable — without high ceilings and beautiful windows, the effect would not be the same.

House in the Moscow region

Wood is also an excellent “seasoning” for a white interior. In Nikita Morozov’s project, contrast is created not only by color difference, but also by contrasting textures. Including smooth walls and embossed furniture upholstery.

Snow-white villa in Spain

White is great for southern countries, it’s fresh and not so hot with it. Blue textiles and accessories on the background of white walls are classics of the seaside genre.

The main thing is to keep yourself in hand and not deviate from the blue-and-white scale, like designer Carlos Serra.

Renovated Poul Henningsen house in Copenhagen

Danish designer Poul Henningsen, the author of Artichoke and PH lamps, once lived in this house. Architects from the Norm Architects bureau have redesigned it for a modern young family, betting on laconic perspectives and the play of light and shadow. Using white, perfectly reflecting natural light and emphasizing the purity of the space, was the most logical solution.

Apartment with panoramic view of Moscow

The main feature of this apartment is panoramic windows. Architect Alexey Dunaev achieved their appearance at the construction stage of the house. The laconic white interior is designed as a frame for views of Moscow from the height of the 33rd floor.

Luxury duplex apartment

Luxury duplex apartment