House design

Project modeling

Today, many are no longer satisfied that when they come to the design organization they are shown room plans, because without an engineering education it is difficult to imagine what the future home will look like. Fortunately, with the development of Information technology, the situation has changed radically, now, thanks to Computer-Aided design Systems, it is quite realistic to show the customer the future house from all sides, give the opportunity to inspect the exterior, walk through the rooms of the future building, do you think fiction and excess? No and no again!

After all, at an early stage, the Client can express his wishes about the project, he will clearly represent and can recreate his dream with the help of an engineer’s services, because with the help of modern programs, you can get a photorealistic picture that will just look amazing against the background of simple drawings. Yes, it will not replace all that design documentation, it will be a regular layout, but how, with the help of a myriad of different objects and the flexibility of CAD data, we can effortlessly recreate a whole virtual area and see from all sides how the house will look relative to other buildings and structures, choose the style and design that it is more suitable for you and will not harm the surrounding interior, for example, to see how the interior will look, in which an imitation of a beam is used. You can easily equip the surrounding area, consider in detail the various options.

Modeling can help not only in new construction, but also in restoration, because the most obvious example will be “BEFORE” and “AFTER”. We will show two photos, one real, the other simulated, with several restoration options, as a result, the customer has a lot to choose from and, accordingly, he can make his wishes, which is easy to implement with the help of modern technologies