House design


An experienced designer-decorator, before starting to decorate the room, will focus primarily not on his own tastes and his vision, but will thoroughly discuss with you all the necessary nuances of your wishes in order to get into the top ten of your dreams. That is, in order to set the decorator the task correctly, do not be lazy to tell him what colors you prefer, what mood you want, perhaps even express existing ideas, your vision of the future interior, tell as much as possible about how you would like to see your house.

Interior decorating magazines will undoubtedly help in discussing and forming an idea of the future interior. Look at them together with the designer, so he will be able to form a visual representation of your preferences.

Further, having decided and discussed with the designer-decorator their explicit or approximate desires, it is possible and necessary to give the professional freedom in their implementation. Sometimes it’s amazing how rich and unpredictable human fantasy can be. A professional decorator is able to offer you very non-standard and interesting solutions that will completely fit into what you have discussed with him, but at the same time unexpectedly and pleasantly surprise.

Another important rule when decorating a house or apartment: it is necessary to decorate the interior of different rooms in accordance with the purpose of this particular room, taking into account the functions assigned to it. We spend different amounts of time in different rooms, in some we receive guests, in others we rest, and in others we serve as a study or studio. The different functional load of the rooms and their interior imposes certain requirements.

With regard to modern trends in decorating rooms, we can say that you should not be traditional and conservative, you can easily mix styles or create your own unique style in the house. The main rule of decorating is only one – a sense of proportion and a sense of color.

Someone constantly wants variety in life and this also translates into a desire to decorate each room individually in order to be able to change sensations, create this illusion of diversity in their own home. Many people, due to their character and emotional structure, simply need it. Others, on the contrary, will want to create a stable even mood in their home, smoothly flowing from room to room, when all the rooms are designed in the same style.